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by:Hanway     2019-08-23
Does my neighbor's tree or the one growing in front of my house have roots in my sewer?
The trees that send roots into the sewer are one of the main plumbing problems, especially in houses built more than 20 years ago.The trees are equipped with the ability to find water, which in the process of finding water sends tiny roots in all directions.Trenches with sewers communicate often without hard-packed soil.The roots are attracted to this loose soil.When these roots invade and enter the sewer system from trees that grow in front of your property or across the street, it's time to call Sydney plumbing professionals who know how to deal with clogged drains.
The answer to this question is, does the tree growing in front of my property or across the street have roots growing in your sewer?x94 is yes.If there is even a small crack in the water pipe where water and sewage can be seeping out, there will be a root in the sewer.
The roots enter the sewer through tiny cracks in the pipe.Clay or cement pipes usually have a cement called mortar, which is easy to crack in various weather and conditions.If these cracks are found, the small feeder roots will enter the pipe.When the small roots enter the sewer, the roots will get bigger and bigger.A Sydney pipeline company has removed huge roots of more than 6 m and nearly 50mm m long.
Commercial roots that can be safely put into the sewer to kill the product is a good way to control these roots, but can only be applied by reputable applicator.
This problem can be solved.
If you can find a company that can send a camera into the sewer, the best chance of success will appear.Yes, now the professional plumber actually uses CCTV cameras.By observing the display, the operator can accurately locate the position where the root enters the pipe.Electronic sensing equipment allows professionals to tell the depth of underground pipes in this location.
Your pipe professional can then carry out any excavation needed to get into the sewer and modify the pipe for future use of chemical tree root control.
Roots do not like to control the treated soil with chemical roots and they will be completely avoided.This is a way to remove the sewer from the root, which will cause the sewer to be blocked.If the local council is responsible for the trees planted in front of your property or across the street, you suspect that there is a root in the sewer, call them and ask them to come and see the trees.They will decide on the best course of action to be taken.
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