shocking moment ‘zombie’ woman strips off on a man’s doorstep in tottenham and ‘injects herself with heroin – before landlord asked him to remove the cameras’ - surveillance camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-09
shocking moment ‘zombie’ woman strips off on a man’s doorstep in tottenham and ‘injects herself with heroin – before landlord asked him to remove the cameras’  -  surveillance camera housing
It was a shocking moment when a drug addict stripped himself of his clothes in an apartment and seemed to have injected himself with drugs --
Like a scene in a horror movie.
When the surveillance camera on the doorbell began shooting and sending him footage, a frightened resident was told "zombie woman ". The 50-year-
The old man who didn't want to be named ran home and was very disgusted. He put half of her posters up --
Inject "heroin" naked around the apartment in Tottenham, north London ".
But a few days later, she was taken and torn off the photo, leaving the anger of the tenant behind.
He also claimed that the local housing authority had asked him to remove the camera and stop shooting because it would "offend" the alleged drug addict "--
But they denied it.
He said: "This has been going on for a while, but when I saw that woman out of my house taking off her clothes like this, I knew what had to be done.
"I am disgusted.
It's mean, dangerous and unhealthy and it's only a few inches away from the home where you sleep, which makes me shudder.
"Every night they look on the camera and they're creepy.
They are like zombies, like living dead, wandering outside my house.
"I continue to shoot them every day and complain, but never do anything.
The police did nothing.
"The Commission actually asked me to remove my cameras and stop shooting them, like it's offensive to drug addicts who want to protect them more than residents.
"The shocking footage taken on December showed that the woman in trousers appeared to be injecting drugs into her groin.
Other videos capture other addictive "like a customer" outside the apartment ".
The resident moved into the house in 1998, but said the problem only began in early 2015. Fed-
He decided to take action and took out what he wanted.
He believes that the last December fashion posters have prevented the return of these addicts.
The resident also handed over all the footage to the police and now shared it because he felt it was safe enough for drug users not to come back.
"I complained for two years and did nothing," he said.
I took it for hours.
"I had a conflict with them and told them to leave there, but they came back all the time.
Until I made a poster to humiliate the woman.
Like I'm single.
When no one does anything else, he clears them.
I must master the law myself.
Metropolitan Housing said: "The footage taken at home last year was very disturbing and we appreciate that he saw that" we don't tolerate the use of drugs on the property we manage, we challenge and stop it as much as we can.
Whenever we are aware of such activities, we always contact the local police immediately and encourage the residents to do the same.
"Since this video was filmed, we have upgraded the security facilities in the block-a new fob access control system has been installed-and we have worked closely with the police's safer local neighborhood team, solved the problem.
We have not received any further reports of problems with people who do not live in the block.
"We have no objection to the safe and responsible installation of CCTV at home by the resident, and we have not asked the resident to remove his doorbell camera.
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