selley: toronto's push for handgun ban in wake of shooting is a simplistic distraction - cctv camera housing with wiper

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
selley: toronto\'s push for handgun ban in wake of shooting is a simplistic distraction  -  cctv camera housing with wiper
When a woman-
On April, hatred cretin cut down 26 people on yanger Street in North Toronto, killing 10 people, and after that, it seems generally accepted that this is not something that the government or legislation can stop.
No one asked Mayor John Torley to explain why the city's sidewalks were not protected by concrete columns and no one asked for the immediate installation of concrete columns.
No one suggested a mandatory background check on rented vans.
Everyone will agree that it will be stupid and meaningless.
Not everyone agrees with the extent to which the killer is a predictable and replicable by-product of an imperfect society, not a single, horrific mutation.
Of course, people will also be blamed, including the widespread "toxic male temperament ".
But everyone is very rightly aware that it is certainly not easy to stop such an event if it is possible.
After a mass shooting on Danforth Avenue on Sunday night, trotony could not say the same. For as-
However, for unknown reasons, a 29-year-old man (now dead)
Fire on pedestrians and diners, killing 2 people: 18-year-
Old Reese Fallon is clearly the target on the sidewalk; 10-year-
Old Juliana cozles reportedly had ice cream with his family in a popular cafe. The whiz-
Bang solution on everyone's lips
From the mayor of the Conservative party to the city councillors, to the editorial board, to the usual activists --
Pistol is prohibited.
Tory admits that there is no "magic wand" to solve the gun problem in Toronto.
But he still asked, "Why does anyone in this city need a gun ? " The idea has a very superficial appeal.
We all hope the Danfoss Gunners don't get their guns.
Toronto has-
Nothing worse than last year, but there was a wrong ending in a unique and stable five --year-trend. (
At this time in 2014, there were 101 shootings and 127 victims;
As at 2018, 228 shooting incidents and 308 victims had occurred. )
This is understandable (
If not completely credible)
The Denver shooting will quickly increase the demand for what to do: the number of victims is high, which happens in a wealthy part of town where it is easy to pretend that there is no problem.
Nevertheless, the limitations of the "pistol ban" are multifaceted and obvious.
When Canadian police forces occasionally report the source of criminal firearms, they often find that the vast majority of them are smuggled through the border.
It is reported that this number is more like 50 in Toronto today;
The rest of the supply comes from the owner of the licensed pistol who illegally sold the pistol --
This is a very risky thing because anything used in a crime can be traced back to the registered owner immediately, but it is obviously worth some people to do it.
But we all know how easy Canada is to penetrate. U. S. border is.
If we cannot legally own a pistol in Canada, is there any reason to doubt the crossover
In addition, CTV reported on Wednesday that the pistol of the Danford gunman was banned --i. e.
It is impossible to obtain permission in Canada
He got it from some gang associates.
If it is true, his slaughter is a better indication of the limitations of the pistol ban than the efficacy of the pistol ban.
Some people think that the ban will "not hurt" and implicitly put legal freedom at zero value --
Law-abiding gun owners who do not threaten anyone.
I can't help but note that a lot of people are opposed to installing more CCTV cameras on the grounds that it violates the privacy of residents.
I think if it distracts people's attention, even if it is distracted for a minute from the real work, it will definitely "hurt ".
Children growing up along Danfoss are less likely to wander around the city with illegal pistols than children growing up in Toronto, chasing various criminal businesses
Called "priority block ".
"It's not mysterious.
If the measure of education, income, housing, employment, health and opportunity is low, the results, including crime, will be worse.
Ultimately, the only solution is to improve measures in education, income, housing, employment, health and opportunities.
There are many ways to do this.
This is being done.
The correct response to this bad year of gun violence is to redouble efforts.
The cost may be high, but the return is huge.
Anti-government lawmakers in Toronto on Tuesday
Violent measures: expanded CCTV cameras, more police officers on the streets, unconfirmed --at-
The best technology to detect and locate gunshots, as well as for-risk youth.
The fate of the project depends entirely on provincial and federal support.
Municipal donations were $0.
The next time you see one of them banging his fist and asking the Premier to ban the pistol, you may consider holding applause.
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