security video captured bloody shooting spree in mexico - security camera housing dome

by:Hanway     2019-09-11
security video captured bloody shooting spree in  mexico  -  security camera housing dome
The chilling video taken by security cameras shows more than a dozen armed men shooting wildly in broad daylight, killing eight people last month in Chihuahua, Mexico.
In the video CNN got on Saturday,-
Considered a killer of drug cartels. -
A assault rifle was seen firing at nearby vehicles and a residential area. A 14-year-
According to Carlos Gonzalez, spokesman for the state attorney general's office, the old girl was one of eight victims of the killings in Creel town in March 15.
"We don't know what group these killers are, but in Chihuahua there are two hostile groups: the Sinaloa cartel and the Juarez cartel," Gonzalez said . ".
"We are trying to find out which group is in charge.
Gonzalez said there was no evidence that the victim was involved in drug activities, adding that the motive for the shooting was not clear.
He said video. -
Taken by national public security cameras. -
Is the "important" evidence in the investigation.
"This is evidence of identifying these people and finding them is part of an ongoing investigation," Gonzalez said . " Gonzalez is the chief investigator of the case.
In the video, the gunman approached the passenger side of a car to receive what appeared to be a murder order.
The passenger seat also saw a man holding a big gun, taking a white substance and putting it in his nose several times.
Another part of the video shows that two gunmen intercepted a car and isolated the driver.
Later in the video, two men opened fire on two men in an SUV.
In some of the most shocking shots, armed men were seen crossing a field before reaching the door of a residential area and firing at the doors and windows of the house.
Gonzalez said the shooting took place an hour before March 15.
"There are very few authorities in this area that regulate this activity," Gonzalez said . ".
The gunman's free movement in the mountainous northwest of Chihuahua highlights how illegal Mexico's rural areas have become in the country's efforts to fight the increasingly violent drug war.
On January, at a family gathering in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, gunmen attacked 15 people, most of them teenagers, who were killed.
Late last month, 10 children, youths and young people aged between 8 and 21 were shot dead by drug traffickers in the northern state of Durango.
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