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by:Hanway     2019-09-14
security cameras: when do they become \
Security cameras are helping authorities investigating the explosion in Times Square.
There are hundreds around the general area.
Every day, thousands of people appear all over the country.
They can help us to be safe and catch some criminals.
But when did they go too far?
When did they become known as "big brother "?
"We will share some of your ideas in the newsroom.
Before people do better, and terrorism comes before the recession, cameras are the best way for us to arrest those responsible.
I have no problem as long as they are not on private property and not in my home.
Big brother won't get into it until we are told what to say and think, because we have cameras in our lives. .
Security cameras provide security, which in times square cases helps prevent many casualties that may occur.
Until one day I opened CNN and saw John Doe around the corner being photographed by the camera to express a different point of view and going to be sued, I wouldn't even try to tie "big brother" to this.
Video surveillance is good for me.
Who cares if you're doing a video if you're not doing anything wrongtapped.
I read a report saying that the "suspect" may have been captured on 87 different cameras (if true. . . )
That's great. It makes us all safer.
In places like Times Square, or any busy place in New York, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy.
On the other hand, the risk of terrorist activities in such a place is relatively high.
These cameras do not harm ordinary citizens in any way, only those who are useless.
The more cameras we have, the more we need to make wanna a violator, because every step is stuck with tape and running away is futile.
Are you crazy?
Yesterday, Susan Candiotti told us how to make fertilizer bombs correctly.
Oh, thank you. .
Now you tell everyone where the security cameras are.
You are your own worst enemy.
When you wake up, you will realize that "loose lips will sink the ship" in the war ".
Churchill will be disgusted. I know I am.
What is the problem?
There should be no problem if you haven't done anything wrong. .
I don't care where they put the camera. . .
As long as it's not in my private home. . .
I think if we want to feel safe anywhere, then it's OK to have a security camera to watch the city.
I don't think it shows the feeling of "big brother" because these videos are used for security.
I don't see any reason why cameras should be restricted to use in public areas.
As evidenced by the recent failed terrorist attacks in New York, their use may be key to identifying criminals.
In terms of the cameras used on private property, there is no very good reason and court order, no, no.
I think the camera is very good.
Only people who have something to hide don't want them.
If you think this is a privacy issue, I think the Supreme Court has dealt with this issue in a public place and you have no expectation of privacy, that's why you can do something that is not legal in public at home.
Think logically about it instead of standing on a soap box.
You can shoot me at any time in public, please catch my good side!
The more cameras we have, the more we need to let wanna be a violator know that every step is stuck with tape and it is futile to escape.
It will be ifpublic areas.
We live in different times now, which means we have to support
Act aggressively to help save lives and protect us from harm.
As far as cameras in public places are concerned, there are not many numbers.
I don't understand what kind of "privacy" people think they have on public streets, and if they are recorded, that privacy is compromised to some extent.
The London Metro is covered by CCTV cameras.
Their police needed fewer weapons and when terrorists attacked the Subway they were caught in a few days.
I think the benefits of surveillance are far greater than the negative.
Let us not forget that this is an era of technology.
No matter what "Big Brother" does, don't we care what the people next to you are doing?
Most people have some kind of recording device with a camera phone or video recording device.
There is no privacy when you get out of the house.
I would be more worried if I needed to monitor my actions at home than outside.
We need to be shocked when we are not able to act freely in our residence, not in public.
We need more protection in this era, not less.
Living and working in Las Vegas, I am used to taking pictures.
There are thousands of cameras in each hotel.
They are used to protect public safety.
They help solve the crimes committed every day.
It's no different from having someone take your photo in public, and you don't have expectations for privacy.
Most of these camera records only hold a specific number of days and then recycle and record them.
Why not watch the world's most important tourist attractions?
It can not only prevent personal vandalism and crime, but also help people stay safe and away from trouble.
Unfortunately, we need to be afraid of what will happen if we do something wrong.
Some people don't care about damage or damage.
When we were kids, when your parents said, "Don't do this, I'll get you grounded," you know your parents are looking around to make sure you don't do bad things.
People still need to keep an eye on them to prevent people from destroying and destroying things with each other.
This is sad but true!
I went to England last year and although I enjoyed going there, I never wanted to live there because of all the cameras.
It does feel like "1984 ".
I think it's OK to install a few cameras at a strategic location that might be a target location for terrorists, and more importantly not! ! ! .
I think the temptation of the government and/or individuals to abuse it is too great, and the danger of this temptation is far more than any benefit.
In the UK, they even put their cameras in the trash!
Have we reached the point where, in the name of protection, we are actually losing what we value most?
This seems to be the case in the UK! !
They have basically given up their country and have for some time convinced citizens that these cameras are all for protection and law enforcement.
Do you really think that none of this information has been abused?
I believe the camera is fine everywhere except my home or some public bathroom.
I think people who don't like them must be afraid that someone will catch them. .
Maybe do something they might not do. .
Thanks to Tony for the wonderful report!
It has changed the world and many of our freedoms.
We need to accept the fact that our privacy is exchanged for our security.
When we saw cameras everywhere, the security cameras became big brother-in the bathroom, in the street, possibly hidden in our own belongings.
When we can't turn without seeing the security camera, that's when it's big brother.
We are very close to that.
For me, I cannot believe that we have come to this era in the United States, I am a black man in the civil rights era, and I cannot believe that we allow cameras in this country.
The Bush administration was concerned about our privacy violations, and that cameras should also lead to our former
Father turned over in the grave.
The country is based on the right to privacy and not being violated by the government.
When you give up or take away your rights for the sake of so-called security, you begin to slip without freedom.
How long does it take to put your Social Security number on your body, then we don't have to worry about the ID card, you just have to show your number or they scan your arm. . . . Bonk. . . .
It's not my dad, my brother, my uncle, and thousands of other Americans who struggle for it, and some die for it. . . .
I think cnn should do some research to find out why we don't have the same safety standards for oil drilling as in other countries.
Who is responsible when deciding not to use all possible means of security.
So, because of the oil leak, BP will only raise the price of natural gas, so consumers will actually pay for the loss.
When you are in a public area and don't have reasonable expectations for privacy, the surveillance camera is a popular tool for public security.
This line is crossed when electronic surveillance goes beyond the public domain and enters what is considered a private domain and there is no possible reason.
Technology is the key to security, so go into the camera and imagine that Al Carpenter and his henchmen in New York don't have sec now.
There are no telecom listening equipment, no dna extraction equipment, etc. Just imagine.
Tony: imagine it. You set a high-
The technical security system that protects your home.
You show it to your neighbor.
He posted a billboard on the lawn pointing out the weaknesses of your security system.
How would you feel? Clam up CNN.
Cooperate with national security, not against national security.
Oh, by the way, the camera is a post-factor type device that will explode if the bomb is properly assembled together, regardless of whether the camera or not.
It's not what I want.
This does not prevent him or them from doing so.
This did not stop them in the UK, where there was a lot of CCTV.
Like security guards at airports, it's just a strategy.
The window is beautiful.
So it makes a lot of money to provide these cameras and recording equipment to these cities.
I live in a small city of 10,000 people, and we have these stupid cameras at many intersections, how a waste of taxes it is. Eric. .
From now on, when you are driving, pay attention to the traffic, maybe you will not meet someone because you are looking for a camera.
The only person who doesn't like the security camera is the offender.
When you're walking down the street in broad daylight, what privacy do you want?
There are thousands of people around you.
Some of them may follow you.
Why is there a problem with the camera?
People don't look at you when you go to the bathroom.
You are in public.
What privacy do you want?
I don't understand the opposing argument.
Everyone has the right to complain about many things according to their own philosophy.
Although it is not 100% safe (security)
It is refreshing that they are taking steps to prevent terrorism as much as possible.
The problem is that many Americans are reluctant to pay for higher security.
My point is that "if" I have to give privacy in order to be safe-then I am willing to pay the price.
There is no security, not only may there be no privacy, but there is no peace of mind.
Privacy begins and ends at home;
As soon as you go out, you are in the public domain and anyone can take a picture or video of you without your knowledge.
We need to understand that terrorism has changed the times and surveillance is the umbrella for protecting the interests of all.
The only concern is the criminals, and of course those who want to hurt us.
Aren't many of us using surveillance devices at home for our own protection?
Security cameras are OK when set to monitor commercial or public and private facilities, that's all.
Everything is just espionage.
A person's health problem should also be private.
It's also espionage when employers force you to participate in sleep studies so they can find out if you have a sleep disorder.
Your daily activities and health are for reference only.
The argument that "big brother espionage" may bring about is the same as the argument that some employers use to spy on a person's health or history, that is, just in case.
As citizens, do we really have rights?
What happened to innocent people before proven guilty/sick? ? ? ?
Working at the bank, I have to say that CCTV cameras have helped solve many of the potential problems that could trigger litigation. . . .
They are always welcome.
The benefits of these cameras are far greater than the potential disadvantages. . . . .
At least for now! ! ! ! ! ! !
Hi, I think it is good to have a lot of cameras to protect.
When they find out what you're doing instead of terrorists, if you want privacey to stay at the door.
If they stick to terroism and terroist, maybe. . .
Why is there 7 of my computers hi-
Has been hijacked since the presidential campaign?
I don't care if my computer is being monitored, I have nothing to hide except hi
I allowed Jack to do this (
Children priveliges)
Being limited to not being able to make changes on my own computer is ridiculous! ! ! ! !
I should read more of these before I post.
I 've read a lot of posts, essentially saying that you shouldn't worry unless you're doing something wrong.
Once these cameras go up, they don't go down, and the definition of "what is wrong" is likely to change.
Will we ignore someone asking for time to be viewed because they look Arabic?
Will we be afraid to buy books because they are on the "list?
Will we be afraid to protest our government over the phone to our family and friends because others may be listening?
To save lives and limbs, and to save the most important things: the things that make us free, these progressive steps slowly drain the meaning of being an American.
I don't understand why they are understood as "privacy violations" when we are in public places ".
Unfortunately, we have a huge demand for them in this era, so I said keep going with the camera!
The only reason Onl doesn't want a camera is if you're not doing well, in this case I want you to be on the camera!
As Americans, our rights are guaranteed by the Constitution, but in today's world, almost everyone will agree that we need cameras installed everywhere.
The more the better. . .
CCTV has worked in the UK and will also work here.
Camera in Times Square? What a novelty!
It's interesting to continue-
Line up to watch public cameras from all over the world!
I live in a casino state and you can't go down the street or into the casino without a "candid shot" and it's just a reality. . . . . . . .
As long as they don't sneak a peek at me through my cable box, I'm fine.
I believe that cameras in public areas are critical to public safety.
They help to understand the people who need it and help to protect those who don't need it.
Security cameras are a help that does not violate privacy as long as they are in public areas.
As soon as the family and bathroom begin to get attention, the Big Brother will play.
Ben Franklin is right, and those who give up their freedom for safety are not worth it.
There are security cameras everywhere in Highway public places, and you can even access the city by clicking on the webcam.
I'm totally for safety, but occasionally you may have some overly zealous law enforcement wit that pays attention to innocent people when the real fruit cake does mean behavior.
If we have security cameras at the entrance and exit anywhere, then the place is safe.
Let our Citigroup cast more cameras in case I get lost on my way to the store.
If this happens, the camera can send me back to my home where I will be safe again. .
See how good the camera is!
I am not a criminal, I have passed the background check and carry weapons with me every day, yes, I am a Democrat. . . .
Cameras for security purposes violate privacy, and they can and will not only be used to monitor intersections, but can also be turned and used when the city or federal government sees fit.
People say that since 911 things have changed, the camera has not caught that person in New York, and the police have done a good job, hmmmm. . . Can you say. . . . .
Let's see, Patriot Act, they can click on my fone, look at my email, check what books I took from the library, track where I 've been, sorry guys, it doesn't sound like many foreign countries with whom we are in the cold war.
You see what really happens is your freedom, the freedom you get from the government invasion is slowly disappearing, first of all you give up a little here, take off your shoes and give up a little there, we were not at all free until you knew it.
911 should not change us, it should make us more determined to keep an open and free society regardless of who is trying to hurt us.
If we give up the freedom they wantThey win. . . .
I think I heard it somewhere.
I think this is one of our state dormitories. . . . .
Perhaps it was from a true patriot who fought for this slowly deprived freedom.
It reminds us of how they changed coffee. Now we are used to milk toast coffee. . . .
We don't know what the difference is, but some of us know it, but when we realize it's too late.
Now that the bad camera has helped find this bad guy, so is freedomNow. .
What do you think of them? .
The bad thing is that he is an American citizen. .
How did he convert? .
Now he got a lawyer to help him get off the bus.
Waste him and the other three people sitting with him on the plane they picked him up.
See how many criminals have been identified, convicted, and expelled from our streets via video cameras.
We need more if you ask me.
If you haven't done anything wrong, then what are you worried about.
People always complain about Big Brother.
Let me ask you, who do you think is the big guy in this country defending him?
Who do you think patrols our streets every night?
Who do you think is monitoring terrorists around the world, trying to catch them before they enter the country and kiss our big brother.
Think about it the next time you complain about Big Brother.
There's really nothing funny about a 17-year-old. year-
A security guard/police shot an old boy with Taser. Is tasing a 70-year-
Is the old woman funny?
People died in the sport.
You're a shame, Tony.
Orlando, Sheila Schumann, Florida, has not taken any action to stop those who intend to commit crimes or terrorist activities.
How much do you think the terrorists who fly the plane on 9/11 care about their photos being taken?
I guess they're counting on it.
Why do the media mention "ethnic issues" when it comes to Hispanic and Mexican origin "?
Hispanic and Mexican are Caucasian, so this is not a matter of race but of nationality.
My first article on the subject was excluded-they wrote the story with Tonym.
But there is no blog about it, so I use this one.
Things about terrorists are overvalued and boring.
The Gulf oil crisis is more important to the health of our country.
It seems that the newly introduced former empire is trying to hit the American people again.
Patriot Act: if a secret
The unknown group in charge decides that you may be associated with any organization or "Group" or association they imagine allied with "terrorism.
Ladies and gentlemen, records of the Bush family
Cheney's military court has tried individuals abducted and tortured through extradition, and almost 90% of them are wrong, and they are considered innocent.
Of the hundreds released by the tribunal, 2, only 1 was waiting, presumably because he was tortured and had serious problems with any possible cause of his arrest.
"Vetting" record in the previous round
This is absolutely terrible.
However, with the news of the Lieberman bill in the hands of Republicans --
Tea Party, you can bet that they will approve and strongly support this super
A violation of the Constitution
US legislation.
I voted for the Republican Party.
The Tea Party was a member of his predecessor.
List of Patriot legislation 'terrorism
The First Amendment to religion gives us two kinds of freedom?
Please read the First Amendment.
In addition, the First Amendment gives us freedom of speech.
Why should we let legislators try to change the foundation of our country.
This is an attack on our religion and spirit. What is next?
Complete confusion without divine guidance.
You are in Christ, R. T. Re;
Sheila shumani, I'm sorry. Hoo. .
When you do something very stupid like a 17-year-old. .
No matter what happens, you have to bear it. . .
When they don't abide by the Constitution of the country
We still have the right, though the people at the top think they can take them away at any time.
California is about to see what happens when the legal system is set up for its own purposes.
If state lawyers keep the evidence for their own purposes, then all the cases they have been hearing for years will be challenged.
This could ruin the system for many years and send a small snowball rolling in this legal country to all the snowballs in the beet! ! !
Security cameras are helping authorities to investigate, but it is sad that only places like Times Square can benefit.
They save a lot of money in my opinion and you can have hundreds of people around the area.
They help on different issues such as traffic and safety.
I have to label it as government and social spending.
In my opinion, there is always one person who will complain, but there are also people who will help on social issues, just as they continue to take the bus.
Cameras can also be witnesses of discrimination.
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