security camera system - buyer's guide - cctv camera housing price

by:Hanway     2019-09-07
security camera system - buyer\'s guide  -  cctv camera housing price
Although CCTV security applications have not changed much in the past few years, there have been significant changes in tools and equipment.
The camera becomes smaller, cheaper and better, but a major breakthrough has taken place on the recording device.
As a result, many customers who purchase a complete CCTV monitoring and recording system are confused about the authenticity of this available product.
The goal of this article is to guide buyers to choose the best and most economical CCTV equipment according to expected implementation and requirements.
Choose the right camera.
In this short article, it is almost impossible to describe all types of available documents.
We will focus on the most popular and widely used camera types.
Using CMOS or CCD (
Charge coupling device)chips.
CMOS technology is usually used to make images with poor quality and have very poor optical sensitivity.
CCTV cameras use CCD technology and are of good quality.
The size of the CCD chip is usually 1/4 ", 1/3" or 1/2 ".
According to the rule of thumb, the larger the size, the higher the quality of the resulting image and the higher the price.
However, higher-density 1/4 and 1/3 CCD chips can now produce images of up to 1/3 or 1/2.
The number of TV lines in a security camera image is a measure of image resolution (sharpness).
The more TV lines, the better the resolution, so the better the overall image quality.
The standard resolution camera may be 350-
380 lines, more than 400 TV lines are generally considered to be of good resolution, and more than 500 TV lines are considered to be of high resolution.
The B/W chip camera has higher resolution and better light sensitivity, so it is suitable for dark areas with poor light conditions most of the time.
On the other hand, the color camera provides a more realistic and natural picture.
CCTV cameras are usually divided into different types according to the fuselage of the cameras used.
Professional camera.
Has a box-type body capable of using different types and sizes of lenses.
The replaceable lens enables this camera to monitor objects from almost any distance.
Although used indoors, they can be used outdoors when combined with weatherproof shells.
They are considered the most flexible and widely used by professionals in commercial installations. Bullet cameras.
As the name implies, the bullet is contained in the shell in the shape of the bullet.
Most bullet cameras are weatherproof and do not have the ability to use different lenses.
The biggest advantage of the bullet camera is small size, design integration, some bullet cameras will even be built in infrared LED in the futurein.
Infrared technology is simply the LED light in the infrared spectrum (
The human eye can't see).
This light will illuminate the viewing area, making it possible to monitor in full darkness.
This is a great future, but it can only work at a certain distance (
Usually between 10 and 50 feet.
Depending on the model)
The bullet camera is simple to install and beautifully designed, making it a great choice for residential and office spaceit-
You install it yourself, where the monitoring object is about 25ft from the camera position (Standard 3. 6mm lens). Board Cameras.
The board camera is basically a fixed lens mounted on the board.
These cameras can be packed in a small box (Mini Cameras)or dome (Mini Dome)
Or simply sell Unpackaged for the purchaser to install.
These lenses are either ordinary industrial aperture or "small hole" lenses with very small aperture.
Small hole lens cameras are often called "Spy" cameras, which can be installed in a concealed manner for concealed surveillance purposes.
The most popular examples are smoke detectors and motion detector cameras.
Because the lens in the board camera is pre-
Installation, fixed Iris, usually short focal length (i. e. wide angle)
Their flexibility is limited.
However, this type of camera can provide a low-cost solution in the right case, especially in a home environment.
We quickly described the most popular camera types, and now let's discuss how and where they are used.
Professional types with C/CS mounting lens accessories often offer the best performance and many important futures such as lens control output, backlight compensation, and more. . .
The distance from the monitoring object to the camera is not a problem, which is why the ability to select different lenses based on location is so important.
The installation is a bit complicated and professional installation is highly recommended.
We recommend this security camera for commercial installation.
In contrast, most bullet cameras do not offer high resolution and lens choice flexibility, but may be wind and rain-proof, with some cameras built in infrared
Most importantly, they are relatively easy to implement.
They usually get together with 3 people.
6mm lens witch is considered suitable for most standard installations (
Suitable for small and medium size rooms or rooms of the same size).
For larger rooms or longer distances, a camera with a lens of 6mm or higher may be required.
They are a good choice for anything. it-
Install it yourself.
In contrast, board cameras are widely used in concealed camera installations, sometimes referred to as spy cameras.
A lot of boards that are basically built inin transmitter.
We're not going to get into the wireless camera right now, because that's enough for the brand new article.
Flat-panel cameras are sold as normal circuit boards for integration into hidden camera devices.
They can also be used in the dome case as different Dome cameras are popular or integrated with smoke detectors, motion detectors, exit signs, etc.
There are 3 most.
The 6mm lens, though some will allow the lens to be replaced.
Over time, the most practical design is the dome camera, whose aesthetic appearance is integrated with the surrounding environment, especially the drop-down Seal, ideal for public places such as shops, lobby, gas stations.
In addition, motion and smoke detector cameras are also practical solutions for concealed installation, and they definitely cannot replace your security alerts or fire fighting.
They should always be selected according to the position of the camera (inside/outside)
, Distance from the monitoring object, light condition and budget.
When customers buy security cameras, they face the fact that they need to choose one or another recording device.
Well days-CCTV time-
The delay video recorder is almost the same.
Although some customers still prefer this old-fashioned recording solution, it is worth buying a good quality digital video recorder (DVR).
The digital recorder converts the analog camera video feed into a digital format and stores it on the hard drive.
There are now two major types of digital recorders on the market.
PC-based system.
Special boards and software installed on the computer will allow the camera to enter and store the video on the hard drive.
Many people mistakenly think that a personal computer with additional hardware installed will do the job.
This explains that hundreds of companies have hung up a sign, pulled out some ads and started working in the basement and garage to make themselves DVR manufacturers and security experts.
The main problem with this type of CCTV recorder is its main component. . .
Yes, it's a computer designed to accomplish unlimited tasks, but not very well.
The fact is that any computer-based digital video recorder is vulnerable to software crashes
The system is unstable, virus-related problems, etc. . .
Independent system.
The appearance and control function very similar to the standard video recorder is a truly amazing device.
Most of the processing of the video is done through hardware, thus eliminating the system crash and the video is also stored on the hard disk in digital format.
The basic operating system, usually Linux, is permanently stored on a special processor and cannot be overwritten or damaged.
Given the design and manufacture of a single application, its performance and reliability are far superior to PC-based competitors.
Some DVR systems even have remote monitoring functions that are very useful when it is necessary to monitor in different locations via the Internet or the network.
The most important future when choosing the right DVR recorder is motion detection and frame speed.
The higher the frame speed, the smoother the video recording.
Motion detection allows video recording from each camera only when motion is detected;
This is very good for extending video recording time.
Security Monitor
Videos from security recorders can be displayed on a normal TV monitor.
This is OK when the picture quality is not so important, for baby monitoring or residential applications.
However, security monitors are as important as cameras for professional installations.
They extend the service life of the video tube (
Any static picture is necessary and may cause the Picture to Burn)
And greater resolution.
Cables and lines.
Finally, proper cabling is required for any camera installation.
High quality cables will prevent video degradation during long-distance operation.
It is recommended to use RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable because it is completely shielded and can prevent Video loss up to 400.
Coaxial cables will require the appropriate installation that the BNC connectors and experienced technicians may complete.
Plug and Play in a short time
Coaxial cable with factory-installed coaxial connector (up to 150 ft. ).
Plug-and-play cables are easily installed by inexperienced users.
The cable of the CCTV camera consists of two cables bundled together.
1 video cable and 1 power transmission cable. Conclusion.
Every CCTV system is as good and reliable as its weakest part.
With this in mind, from an economic and practical point of view, it makes no sense to invest in cameras of the highest quality and performance while buying low-performance recorders.
For example, why use a CCTV camera with a resolution of 500, the display can only provide a resolution of 380 or less.
All the benefits of high-
The resolution camera is affected by limited monitoring capabilities.
Before purchasing a video security system, asking questions is important and your supplier may give more details and recommend the device according to specific needs and requirements.
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