security camera footage released of suspect in brutal rexdale homicide - outdoor security camera housing dome

by:Hanway     2019-09-12
security camera footage released of suspect in brutal rexdale homicide  -  outdoor security camera housing dome
The homicide detective released surveillance footage of a suspect who brutally murdered a woman in a Rex Dale apartment late last month.
Police said a friend found Sylvia consulo dead in her apartment at Dr. Kendall 121.
Around 4: 30 in the morning in North etoby Cokom. on Jan. 30.
Chief investigator of the case, Det. -Sgt.
Hank isinga said Friday that consulo had been raped and beaten more than an hour earlier that morning before choking to death.
Idsinga released a security video of a man suspect who was found to enter her apartment building around 1: 30 a. m. m.
Leave in about an hour.
The suspect is described as a male carrying a lamp.
Skin color.
He was dressed in light clothes.
Color NikeRosherunning shoes, black jeans, black leather bomber
Stylish jacket, a gray hooded jersey with a plaid pattern, a black and white plaid scarf he used to cover his face, and a black hat.
"I ask the public to pay close attention to this surveillance video," Idsinga said . ".
"Someone will know the suspect through his clothes or manners.
The suspect "absolutely" knew he was in three-
Idsingasaid building.
It can be seen in the video that he enters the complex through an unsafe back door and then through the underground tunnel system into the consuelo's building.
However, he said the relationship between the suspect and the victim was still unclear, if any.
"I think he knows what he will do when he walks into that building," Idsinga said . ".
34-year-old Consuelo, who struggled with mental health and drug addiction, chose prostitution.
She lives alone in the apartment.
He said her three children were no longer taken care of by her.
"In short, Sylvia is a very vulnerable resident of our city," he said . ".
On Friday, 50 Toronto police officers and members of the Toronto Community Housing Security Department were canvassing what Idsinga called a "big chunk" of North etobiko ".
According to Idsinga, the residents of the complex provided a lot of information to investigators, but he would not disclose the details.
Investigators are also reviewing a large number of security camera footage obtained from the complex.
Anyone with information is asked to call 416-808-
2300 or leave a tip at 416 through a criminal plug-222-TIPS.
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