security camera case Google’s home technology company Nest Labs launches the first of its products in Australia

by:Hanway     2019-08-10
Like a new animation.xa0Jason's familyxa0The movie starts making, and with the advent of the home security camera, you can watch a small part of the future on your smartphone, and the technology can make you yell at thieves or your dogs, even if you are far away.Google’s US3.2 billion company Nest Labs finally brought the first four of its safety and security products to Australia, becoming the "Lucky 13" country and the first in Asia --The Pacific region, in its international rollout."They have always been good --Received elsewhere, we found that people are not looking for a whole.
"Home automation systems," said Max IME Veron, director of product marketing at Nest ."."Instead, they are buying the best products to solve problems they feel they may have at home and connect them one product at a time to make themselves feel safer.Products that will now be sold locally-through iSelect, the company's new e-commerce store-include indoor and outdoor cameras to take videos stored on the cloud, even if thieves have money to steal cameras, this is also available.
It can be viewed online, if your phone sees anything suspicious, it will send an alarm to your phone, you can go back home through your phone, there is also an advanced feature to identify the person who is talking or the dog barking.Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms will also be sold, and families can be told-Danger the owner with sound alarm or send a message to the phone if they are out.Vice-John Gallel believes that while other companies have introduced similar products, these Nest devices may take up a large part of the businessPresident of the Australian Safety Industry Association, general manager of Kastle Systems, Australian safety company.
"There have been similar products for a while," Gallel said ."."But the smoke detectors in the nest are attractive because they are beautiful-similar smoke detectors can be two or two --and-a-half-They are several times their size, a little ugly-and easy to use.Good design is their competitive advantage.
This has been a key goal for the company, Veron said, and Nest was started by iPod inventor Tony Fader and many early employees from Apple.In addition, these devices can be connected as long as there is Internet, especially NBN.They do, however, have limitations.Nest's smoke alarm may not be able to avoid a disaster in London's Grenfell Tower neighborhood, as there is no capacity yet to connect the entire apartment building to a central alarm system;They are mainly used for independent families.
"But in Australia, there are about 200,000 residential fires each year, which is a lot," Veron said ."."For a homeowner, they warn in advance of what's going on, and you'll know if it's a fire or someone is baking a piece of bread.Is Australia safe-The American consciousness is another controversial point.
"But in Australia, there are more than 400,000 family incidents every year, whether it's burglary or vandalism, people often have a dog or bar on Windows, fences or walls to protect them, said veron."The main reason we sell so many Nest Cams day after day is that people can see what's going on with their most valuable assets, especially when real estate costs are high.The peace of mind is very precious.When the Warner Brothers New:xa0Jason's familyxa0After the movie is released, it will be interesting to see if it also goes beyond traditional products such as smoke alarms and cameras, rather than choosing a very future solution like the tech power field.
Because those regular forms of family safetyxa0Have their advantageSometimes the cameras themselves act as a deterrent, Veron says, and when you can tell them that a thief is stealing your safe, the police are more likely to run to the scene and use camera vision in court cases.With Australia's reputation as an early adopters of new technology, and as products become more sophisticated, early mistakes are solved, perhaps the smart home revolution for all is finally starting
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