security camera case Collar bomb hoax: the Gmail trail

by:Hanway     2019-08-10
Nick Miller of the city of Wisconsin wrote that the police had no trouble tracking the suspect's digital clues.
When the police were 10-In August 3, she was locked on a device she thought was a bomb and all they had was her description of a masked man, an email address and a USB stick.But these are powerful clues in modern science and technology.The digital fingerprint is indelible and more noticeable than any physical residue.
The documents left on the equipment are very dangerous."Powerful new technology plastic explosives are located in small black boxes delivered to you," they said .".\ "It's booby-trapped.It can be opened safely only by following the instructions and complying with its terms and conditions.
\ "Once you confirm and confirm receipt of this message, you will be provided with detailed remittance instructions to transfer the defined amount.
Email address-Dirkstraun1840 @ -Refers to a fictional 19 th.Master of criminal centuryDirk Sterling is Taiwan.Pan is a resourceful pirate in James kravell's novel.
Investigators found that the Gmail account was created in May 30 from an internet address at Chicago airport.The immigration authorities later reported that one Paul Douglas Peters was allegedly at the airport on the day of the day.
The account was accessed only three times, all in August 3, just hours after the device was placed around Madeline's neck.
The first one came after four o'clock P.M. from the Kincumber Library, and the second one came from the Avoca audio store at 5.50.Security cameras from the Library show that at four o'clock P.M., a man took a Range Rover into the parking lot and used a computer. footage from a liquor store next to the video store showed the same man, allegedly, his clothes match what Madeline described.
The staff remembered him.He asked about a long lovesickness, but his favorite brand didn't.
A copy of the demand letter is placed in the U disk.Analysis shows that two more files have been deleted recentlyAn early version of this letter.The invisible metadata on one of them indicates that it was written on a computer identified as "Paul P.
Land Rover is the next clue.By improving the search for the rover licensed by the Central Coast, the police came up with the name of Paul Peters of copakabana.His license photo matches the description and CCTV footage.They believe they have their own men.
The Immigration Department reported that Peters flew from Australia to Chicago on August 8, and the travel records showed that he went to the next day to the city of Wisconsin, Kentucky.
Digital evidence continues to increase.CCTV footage from Sydney Airport is said to show the same people as the footage from the library and bottle shop and Madeline's description.
Credit card records for West Gosford office works allegedly show that Peters purchased a USB device and a purple lanyard in July 4.CCTV footage allegedly taken from Erina Fair mall on July 16 showed Peters walking into a sports store and buying a black baseball bat, as Madeline said she was under threat
According to the international financial records, Peters and a woman named Debra Lee Peters (later disclosed as his ex-wife, who divorced in 2007) were in a well in lagerridge.Located in the suburbs 20 minutes north of Louisville.A fbi agent drove past the property and saw a man who met Peters's description.
After collecting the evidence, two new state police officers flew to Kentucky and planned to catch Peters on Monday.
A neighbor said it was a strange and terrible experience.
Debra Lee Peters's house is located on a quiet street in the suburbs, in the rolling mountains, less than a decade of history.The houses are big and luxurious, worth as much as $574,000 (US dollars), and during the recession the area is large and well preserved.
There are three floors of Peters House with a wooden deck and a large driveway.This is not the standard setting for what happens next.
"There are a lot of cars, the SWAT team-"They have all the guns, helmets, big guns, and they're a little scary," The neighbors said .".
The SWAT team arranged police in the properties on both sides to prevent the escape and then entered the house to arrest Peters.He was kept in a car while the police searched the house.
The neighbor said that after the couple got divorced, she saw Peters visit the house "regularly.He played with their three daughters in the front yard.
"I don't know him very well, but he is very friendly.You say hello."Everyone waved," she said .".This is a quiet neighborhood.We got together to play the dice game Bunco [] and we had a street party for July 4.There are many children around.
It looks strange.It's a very strange story and it's hard to believe it happened across the street.I hope this is a case of identity error.
The next day, Peters appeared at the local court in Kentucky.The media are salivating about the story."It's hotter than the shrimp on Barbie.
In court, Peters appeared calm, more like an investment banker with his background forecast than a crazy kidnappers.He was wearing what he was wearing when he was arrested.A lavender led shirt, brown shorts and sandals.He wore glasses to study court documents.
Occasionally, he exchanged a smile-free look with his ex-wife, who sat there crying and wiped her eyes for most of the brief hearing.
Magistrate Dave Hualin read out Peters rights, set out the charges (serious vandalism and entry, forced claims for property, kidnapping) and explained the extradition process, adding: "This is certainly something we don't deal with every day.
Peter was asked if he understood the nature of the hearing and replied, "Sir, I understand.He is also pending trial and is scheduled to hold a hearing on October 14.Prior to this, the Australian government must apply for extradition.
Peters was taken from court wearing black handcuffs and leg cuffs.His lawyer, Scott Cox, said outside that he will investigate whether bail is an option before the extradition application --Although he thinks it's unlikelyHe sweated through the unusual experiences of media questioning and racing.
Cox said he knew Peters would deny the allegations in Australia.
He said that his client has no criminal history and is an Australian lawyer and investment banker with "good standing.
He said Debra Peters attended the hearing because the couple had children but she had no connection with the allegations."She handled it very badly.She was shocked."It's hard for her and her children," Cox said .".
A distraught Debra Peters declined to comment and told reporters "leave my property or I will arrest you ".
The major questions of this bizarre case have not yet been answered.How did a person like Peters suddenly become what he called a monster?Why on earth did he think he would get away with it?
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