security camera case Brisbane Lions star Lewis Taylor escapes conviction for vandalism spree

by:Hanway     2019-08-10
Brisbane Lion star Lewis Taylor was given Entertainment andxa0Opportunities to avoid criminal record after taking part in a crimexa0Damage to vehicles over $10,000xa0A yard in mormalak.
20-year-old Lewis Shane Taylor and 20-year-old George Scott Owen at Coorparoo Lancaster street in Mortlake Waggs Lane admitted to criminal damage at Warrnambool magistrate's courtxa0Theft.
They were all scheduled for the transfer.xa0On condition that they performed well within 12 months, they donated $500 per person to the national emergency service and paid $5317.87 compensation.
Michael Bolt, the registrar, said,xa0Ofxa0The transfer was greatly facilitated by the victims.
He said transfer treatment is a mature treatment court.xa0Procedures and impact on victim rodsxa0Van der Hove was exposed in court.
The registrar said it was clear that Taylor and Owen thought the vehicles were at the garbage station, but that was not an excuse for their actions.
Police say the victim ownsxa0On Sandwell Avenue in Mortlake, Lot 17 is surrounded by a security fence and the top isxa0Three hooks, two.xa0The door is padlock.
Mr. van der Hofferxa0Hidden security cameras are also installed, with trucks, cars and farms in the parking lotxa0Machinery is usually repaired and sold at the end of its life cycle.
Next door is a scrap metal yard.
Taylor and Owen were childhood friends, and the friendship continued into adulthood.
Owen needs a safety buckle to get a car worth driving on the road. on October 20, hexa0Taylor went to the yard.
At 5.At fifteen o'clock P.M. Owen and Taylor jumped off the gate and the security camera clearly showed their identity.
They searched a Ford.xa0Before the safety buckle was cut off, the vehicle and a window was broken using a metal rod.
Later, the criminal broke Ford's other windows with Taylor and said he was pretty sure "we did all Ford ".
On October 22, the two returned to the yard.When Tyler said they were starting to "have fun", Owen said, they went and broke a few windows.
They smashed the windows of five trucks, one ute and two with stones and poles.
Young people don't drink.xa0Take part in the yard between 10.04pm and 10.40pm.
Security cameraxa0The video shows Tyler holding a pole and a pole in his hand.xa0And brought a bottle of oil back to Owen's house.xa0It was discarded.
The victim hasn't been in the yard for a few days.xa0When he joined, he found the damage.xa0Before reporting to the police, security cameras were checked.
Owen was interviewed in March 26 and Taylor was interviewed in April 10.
Both acknowledged, but were vague about who damaged which vehicles.The total loss was $10,635.75.
Taylor told police that he and Owen thought it was a garbage station, "We really don't think we did anything wrong .".
Mr. van der Hofferxa0He told the court that he understood that the defendants were young people and that their lives were in front of them and that they had just made a mistake.
But he said Taylor and Owen need to realizexa0Real people are influenced by their actions and they need to think twice in the future.
"It would be great if the court allowed them to divert attention," he said .".
Mr. van der Hofferxa0On Thursday.xa0Hear about the end of him without having to look at eachxa0Young people in Mortlake, wondering if theyxa0Damaged his property.
Taylor's lawyer, Tony Robinson, said the crimes were committed more than 12 months ago and that his client had not had any trouble before or after that.
He said Taylor was willing to write a letter of apology when he had money in his trust account to pay for the loss.
Taylor grew up in motlake and his father was a shearer and his mother was a nurse, but they broke up when he was about 10 years old.
Three letters of recommendation suggest that Taylor's growth process is difficult, Mr. Robinson said.
He said Taylor.xa0The father now lives in Queensland and his client has no contact with his mother.
References submitted by Taylorxa0Former principal, his manager, Justin Lipitz, coach of the Brisbane Lions team.
Mr Robinson said that while there is no excuse for what his client has donexa0Crime occurs in rural areas and vehicles are also involved at the end of the life cycle.
Brisbane Lion star Lewis Taylor appeared in Warrnambool security court for a diversion hearing on charges of theft and criminal damage.
Criminal damage charges related to Taylor and a colleagueOn last October, George Scott Owen damaged eight cars in a yard in motlake.
Damagexa0The vehicles listed in the police briefing were $10,635.75.
The owner of the vehicle, Rod Vandehoef, now claims the cost of damage to his vehicle and his business exceedsxa0$75,000 and growing every day.
The case has been put on hold, so Nathan Brown, senior police officer of the police prosecutor, can have talks with Mr. Van der Hove on the issue of costs.
Taylor's lawyer, Tony Robinson, said he had already trusted half of the money for the initial $10,000 loss bill.
Owen's lawyer said he was in a similar position.
Michael Bolt, registrar of Justice, said that the issue of continuing costs could be a matter of civil claims.
The case has been put on hold later this morning for further hearing for talks between the parties concerned.
Mr. Bolte said he had not even determined whether the cases were appropriate for transfer.
Brisbane Lion star Lewis Taylor is expected to be charged with $10,000 in damages 14 months after he was smashed in eight cars in motlake.
On November 26, the Warrnambool court first referred to the case of Lewis Shane Taylor, 20, 20 th Street.
The case was not adjourned today, with a second reference to Mr. Taylor, who is expected to appear in court.
According to police, on October 22, 2014, Mr. Taylorxa0Seat beltxa0A $5 deduction.
Brisbane Lion star Lewis Taylor has been accused of causing $10,000 in damage after being smashed in eight cars in Mortlake 13 months ago.
On November 26, the Warrnambool court referred to the case of Lewis Shane Taylor, 20 years old on 20 th Street.
According to police, on October 22, 2014, Mr. Taylorxa0Seat beltxa0A $5 deduction.
He and a co-The accused allegedly hadxa0Causexa0At the same time, criminal losses.
Most of the losses worth $10,635.75 participate in crushing windshieldxa0Four trucks, Pathfinder, Fairmontxa0Ghia,xa0Garbagexa0A Mazda truck.
The case has been adjourned to consider the transfer and, if approved, will result in Mr. Taylor having no criminal record.
Mr. Taylor, from motlake.xa0Yes.xa0Not in court.
He hasxa0Played 44 AFL games after an impressive debut last yearxa0Rising Stars
The Brisbane Lions made a brief statement after they first mentioned the case, saying they knew about Lewis Taylor.xa0In the case of vanampur.
\"He has co-Fully operational in the investigation and apologised for his actions.The club will not take any further action on the matter, "it said.
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