security camera case Beaten, abused, humiliated and filmed by Victoria Police

by:Hanway     2019-08-10
When the police were around John, his meaty torso rolled over the ground.A total of six officers, two on his back, were like wolves on injured prey.Disabled pensioners were detained.He was helpless in his front yard.A few minutes ago, the police arrived at John's home in Preston, Melbourne, and his psychiatrist called Sanzero, saying she was concerned that his mental health had deteriorated.
When an officer fastened his calf with a stretchable baton, John was being held down on his stomach.The police were everywhere on his back, and his legs were the only part of John's body that could get the police clean.The police attacked again.And again.Six times in a row.“You f---Another policeman knelt on John's torso and punched him behind his back.
The same officer inserted a jar near John's face and discharged the pepper spray.“You like that?” he barks.The pepper spray burns the eyes and makes them blind and difficult to breathe.The police asked again, "Do you like this?It smells good, doesn't it?John moans.
Another policeman put a boot on his head and John was handcuffed and pulled to a sitting position."My back," he moaned.“My eyes.There was a watering pot in the yard that the police could fill up to wash John's eyes.That's what happens when the ambulance arrives late.
But now the police have chosen different tools.A police officer picked up a garden water pipe and set it up high.pressure jet.He blew John's face.John later said that he felt that he was about to drown.
The torrent stopped and John took a breather.“You happy?How strong are you?He asked his torturers.The problem continued to spray on his face.
John was wet, humiliated, and miserable.
When the spray wet his face, the policeman who took the lead-the policeman who ate the pepper --Sprayed John and punched him behind his phone, seemingly activating its camera.But before he started the recording, the police officer who sprayed his eyes and nostrils at John moved and put the hose away.The police with the camera stopped him.He wants money.While his partner was waiting, he grinned and posed like a wedding photographer.
Then the camera turned and sprayed John's face again.In these incidents in the late 2017 S, what the police may not have realized is that the police were not the only ones who were filming.The CCTV security camera installed after John's theft was also on the scene.
When it was later downloaded by John, it also showed cluesHis shame.He had been behind the front door and begged the police not to bother him, explaining that he was taking painkillers for his chronic back disease.He explained that he had diarrhea, "vomiting blood" and was weak.
The Mental Health Act authorizes the police to use force to send a person who appears to be suffering from mental illness to hospital to protect the safety of them or others.Officials have warned John that he has been here for ten years.They will use crowbars to force in, an old conviction for the attack.
"Man, we don't want to open the door," said a policeman .".In addition to mental illness and back problems, John is in the midst of Cancer Relief, and he continues to plead: "I am going through the withdrawal...I lay on the floor.Now, please don't bother me ...... You have to shoot me.The police coaxed him again: "Come on, John.
We just want to talk.
John was then photographed opening the front door and leaving again in defense of the police.The chief police seemed to move forward in an attempt to catch John.John put the officer's hand aside, and in the same action, his hand reached up to the police as if to push him back with a punch.
He had no contact, but was sprayed with pepper by the police, tied up the stairs and nailed to the yard.Prior to that, the official's response could be said to be professional and proportionate.But once John was on the ground, the police act became another thing: the baton blows, the punch on John's back, the pepper spray on his eyes, the jet sprayed his face, as well as a video recording of his mobile phone humiliated for reasons known to the shooting officer.
After the show, CCTV recorded a picture of John sitting on the grass crying."Why are you doing this to me?The chief police gave his explanation: "Man, it's definitely not up to me to decide.Ever,” he says.Some of the six military officers seem to be laughing.
John groaned again in pain: "Smile.
Have a laugh.
I'm a disabled pension collector.
That's how strong you are.
The chief police continued: "You came out and tried to swing at me.What the f---Do you think it will happen?The police smoked a cigarette casually."It's the only way it's down.According to Melbourne lawyer Jeremy King, the most unusual thing that happened in Preston's front yard was not the behavior of the police.
In fact, it was captured in the film.
The King is an amiable and energetic middleman.Professional lawyer at Robinson Gill law firmIn Melbourne to defend those who want to sue the police.Ten years ago, when he started working, he encouraged clients to complain to the police internal affairs department known as the Professional Standards Command or the agency that oversees the department, Victoria's public sector supervision agencybased Anti-The Corruption Commission (IBAC), an institution formerly known as the police clean government office.
However, King has become more vigilant about the complaint system over time.Most of the complaints against the police were investigated by the police.They are occasionally reviewed by IBAC.What's even more rare is that IBAC vs high-Brief introduction to cases of atrocities.
On November 2016, IBAC urged the police to overhaul its internal complaint system because it failed to eliminate repeat crimes: Police officers known as "regulars" in police circles, he has been criticized, humiliated or ignored many times.On 2015, IBAC conducted an audit of more than 350 complaint files from the regional police station and found that less than one of the 10 cases was confirmed, and when the allegations involved police brutality, the figure fell to 4%.For years, the police union has insisted that the lower numbers do not represent a culture of cover --But the fact that criminals make unfounded accusations and police work is not only inherently stressful, dangerous and inadequateResources, but vulnerable to complaints.
"Our experience is that we tend to make some allegations against our members, objectively reviewed, that will not be directed against the general public, and Wayne Gates, Secretary of the Police Association, recently said to a parliamentary committee, the committee reviewed the allegations made by scholars, law firms, the Community Law Center where the complaint system was destroyed, and the Victoria Law Institute.On 2016, Brett Geling, the police assistant commissioner in charge of investigating the police, promised to improve the existing system, better track problem officials and focus on restorative justice.But the person in charge of supervising police ethics has his own moral problems.
.IBAC's recently appointed commissioner, former judge Robert Redridge, believes that the police should continue to play a role in investigating their own misconduct, which is also the view of the Force Command.But Mr Redlich also called for the closure of the significant gap between IBAC's power and resources so that the agency could make a "significant change" to the police complaint system ".Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, who has temporarily replaced geline, declined the request for an interview and recently acknowledged the need for significant "cultural change" while also addressing the "carpetbagger" who advocated change"And need to" work more closely with community advocacy groups ".
"We have started the process, but there is still a need to better manage conflicts of interest so that the complainant has confidence in the integrity of the investigation," a police spokesman said .".But lawyer Jeremy King said repeated poor handling of the case and the Gaolin legend led to a collapse of trust in the existing system.He said there is an urgent need for reform, including ensuring that independent oversight bodies like IBAC play a more meaningful role in investigating more serious complaints against the police.
"Internal police investigators will not look for all witnesses, nor will they look for CCTV, nor will they take a thorough, critical and investigative approach.You will see police officers in the same police station or area investigating police officers they may know.Almost no sense of objectivity.He said that it is not uncommon for the police accused of wrongdoing to make up criminal charges to defend their actions or to put pressure on the complainant.
Secret conversation with several experienced police officersxa0That era.xa0Confirm this happened.They call it a "burger" for a man ".Some police believe this is an appropriate strategy in the justice system, which they feel is too inclined towards the rights of the accused.None of the six policemen who participated in the John Preston family in September 2017 filed any internal complaints about his treatment (Conelius said, the number of police officers preparing to report misconduct by colleagues has risen from 8 percentage points to 21 percentage points in the past decade ).
Let John complain.
But John said he was scared.
If he complains to the police, is it him who is being investigated and charged?Jesse ScarlettRhodes's experience shows that this fear is not unfounded.Jessie, the mother of two young children who once worked as a school administrator, has a female jockey's figure: 155 (5 feet) in height and weighs 55 kilograms.27-December 14, 2012-year-The old man and her husband Reese, an electrician who spoke very quietly, went to their local working-class senbury bar for drinks with another couple.
They are celebrating the good news: Jesse's fertility treatment looks promising.Reese, who is taking medication to help him quit smoking, felt uncomfortable after a few beers and went outside to throw up in a driveway.When Jesse was standing by him, four policemen came and one lit the torch on both faces, asking them to show their identification.
Jesse pressured officials to put the torch down and explained why they needed to show their ID but failed, and he swore to the officials.Jesse never told the media what happened next.In the police version of the incident, an aggressive foulJesse spat in his mouth, poked a police officer's head, and then attacked the largest of the four officers, Sergeant Carl Wagner, while arresting Reese.
According to police, Jesse hit Wagner, who was 1 feet tall and twice the weight, on his head and climbed onto his back.Police later claimed that Jesse fell to the ground when Senior Constable Cem Ertekin and second constable defended Wagner.Next, she was handcuffed and carefully placed behind a divvy van.
Jesse described the story as a series of lies.She said she never skipped Wagner.To be more precise, after she swore to the police, she said senior police officer eartkin violently forced her to fall to the ground.She said she had been angered at the time and had at least one blow to her head.
Next, she was handcuffed and her head was thrown --First assigned van.After her head collided with the walls of the vehicle, she remembered a burst of pain and blood on her face.The police did not immediately file charges against Jessie and did not take her to the local cell.
They sent her home.
The next morning, Jessie's face was badly bruised and her nose was broken, and she went to the senbury police station to complain.She left after being told that there was not one older enough at the station.Soon after, her phone rang and a senior police officer was in line.
"He sounded annoyed.
I said to him, "you won't make it easy for me, will you?No, we are not, he said.Jesse called a family friend, a policeman.He asked her to complain to the police house unit (now known as the Occupational Standards Command.
Jesse filled out an online complaint, followed by an interview with a senior officer at the Broadmeadows police station, who said that the two officers involved in the arrest had already worked."This is a huge conflict of interest," she said .""Many of our family and friends are policemen.
I don't think the whole army is a devil.
But I lost trust in the whole process.
When a few weeks after she filed the charges, she was told that she would be accused of attacking the police and refusing to arrest, her gradually lost confidence was further eroded.It was not until three months later that she accused the police of attacking her that the police made a statement against her."I was scared.I was scared."I'm sick of it," she said ."."I feel powerless.But I knew right away that these allegations were a strategy to get me out of here.
A criminal conviction may prevent her from working with her child and endanger her work at school.Police have proposed speeding up Jesse's entry into the transfer program, and she can avoid a criminal conviction if she admits she has acted improperly and apologizes to the police.She wanted to publish her story in the open court, but her lawyer urged her to confess and continue her life.
Jesse said: "It means losing her chance to prove what really happened:" I feel frustrated, but I feel like I have no choice. ".She accepted an entertainment show and wrote a letter of apology.She then learned that her internal complaint was not supported because it was rejected by the police.
Her body is now healed.
But there is still trauma.
The same is true of injustice.
"I must stick to my morality.
"I don't like the idea that happens to someone else," said Jesse .".Jesse searched Google for "police brutality and lawyers" and started calling law firms.She transferred from one lawyer to another.
She was finally introduced to Jeremy King.Kim studied the evidence and most lawyers would consider Jesse's admission to avoid a fatal conviction in any police brutality case.He did not believe the story of the little woman jumping on the back of a police officer twice as big, or spitting at another police officer.
Why are some of the police statements copied?for-Three months after the event?Kim is also familiar with past allegations against Sergeant Wagner, who, according to the testimony of one of his colleagues, is "leading" in the investigation of the assault charges against Jesse ".Sergeant Wagner was allegedly found dead.In a human rights case filed in 2012 by the Fleming Kensington legal center, he was accused of repeated misconduct.The case has been resolved, but later Victoria's former attorney general, Jeremy lapcock, and Peter Seder, a part-time law professor at La trober University, submitted a submission of mandatory command, which detailsWagner was accused by young people in the Carlton neighborhood of being one of the few officers of police brutality and racism.
Wagner allegedly asked "young people who claim to be abused by him ...... [Feeling powerless, fearful, ashamed ...... In some cases, they have suicidal reactions to the treatment they receive."While Wagner is alleged to be the key officer involved, it is also alleged that other police officers regularly observe and assist in the treatment," submitted by Seidel and Rapke .
Wagner has also been repeatedly complained by professional standards.Jesse's evidence is that while Wagner did not attack her, he played a key role in her subsequent treatment, including dismissing her allegations against senior police officer urtkin.Kim advised Jesse that it is time to consider going back to court.
The risk of bringing civil action against the country is high, but it will also allow her to tell her story in the stands.Jesse made an order, and the King issued a subpoena asking Jesse, her husband Reese, and the four police officers who helped arrest them to testify.On October 19, 2017, County Court judge David Brooks made a judgment after weighing their evidence: he found that, based on the evidence of the police, jessie may jump on Wagner's back to protect her husband (Jessie is still confused ).
But Judge Brooks also said he was not satisfied with Wagner's arrest of Jesse's husband, "reasonable ...... Given his health and his vulnerability, he lacks aggression ".Wagner "said a lot of dirty words and really tried to cheer Reese up ".
Judge Brooks announced that the evidence left a "interesting question": is it legal for Jesse to defend her husband?Contrary to Jesse's evidence, the judge found the evidence of senior police officer urtkin to be "completely unreliable ".Despite ertkin's denial, Brooks concluded that he had handcuffed Jesse's head.First enter the van in a way that can cause "significant damage.
The judge said that the police's actions "violated trust" and there was nothing but "shame.In the evening, the police used "undue force" while Jesse's handcuffs were "excessive ".Justice Brooks also admitted that she felt bullied and accepted the transfer after police accused Jesse.
With physical injuries and rights trampled, Brooks ordered the Victorian government to pay Jesse $86,000 in compensation.While it seems like a victory for Jessie, her lawyer, Jeremy King, said he was frustrated by the case.The Victoria Police and the public sector regulator, IBAC (inherited the file from its former police clean government office), did not need to explain the reasons for the rejection of Jesse's original complaint and did not take action against the relevant officials.
Jesse says compensation does little to help ease the continuing impact of this ordeal.When she wants to focus on her young children, memories from the nightxa0-Shining torch and violencexa0-Constantly intruding into her brain.However, there is still a good news.Afterxa0That era.xa0A spokesman asked the police about Jesse's case and said the police would re-investigate"Due to new information disclosed in civil proceedings", an internal investigation is opened.
Meanwhile, Kim is planning another lawsuit.He advised John to sue the police because he abused and humiliated him in his front yard.A police spokesman said the police could not comment on John's case, as was the case when the king reluctantly informed IBACxa0What happened?But Kim told John not to bother to complain directly to the police.
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