security camera case Animal cruelty claims at Cressy abattoir

by:Hanway     2019-08-10
Two employees accused of abusing the Mavericksxa0At the Cressy slaughterhousexa0No longer employedxa0The general manager said the company.
A video, allegedly shotxa0The footage of a group of calves recently revealed,xa0Hit, hit with a tube, hitxa0By their tail andxa0Ears.
In a statement released on Thursday, Tasman general manager of quality meatxa0Brian Oliver admits abuse by slaughterhouse staffxa0Calf.
Mr. Oliver said the video.xa0Last year was recorded by a secret camera placed around the pen leading to the slaughterhouse.
"Despite seven minutes of footage of the abuse of the calf, [tas Mando] quality meat did process 20,000 livestock in a 60-hour secret recording," he said .".
"Two people involved in the abuse of the Mavericks are no longer employed by the company.
"We do realize that the measures we have taken are not enough and that we will put more monitoring, training and supervision into it so that this will not happen again.
Mr. Oliver.xa0Sayxa0All slaughterhouse personnelxa0Trained.xa0How to dealxa0Livestock.
A government spokesman, Ferguson, said the government is taking the allegations seriously and is investigating the matter.
Mr. Ferguson said: "The resources are immediately applied and the investigation will be carried out completely.xa0Said.
RSPCA says it has written to the Tasman government to deal with itxa0Reports of animal abuse and calls for the installation of security cameras in all slaughterhouse.
"RSPCA has now written two letters to the department expressing disappointment at the lengthy and unnecessary delays in taking action on this report," it said .".
"This video also shows that slaughterhouse owners need to be careful when choosing, hiring, training, and supervisor hours.
Spokeswoman for Green party animal welfarexa0Dawkins called on the government to ensurexa0Enough moneyxa0Inspection team Servicexa0All cases.xa0Thorough investigation.
"This kind of lens will definitely change --xa0I think in many cases we are out of touch with the supply chain and people don't know what will happen to the slaughterhouse, "MS Dawkins said.
"We need to make sure any furtherxa0We always take exception seriously.
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