security camera case 10 most common problems with security camera systems

by:Hanway     2019-08-13
1-Complex setup;Certain types of security cameras are complicated to set up for users, so it takes professionals to install the system.So it is recommended to test yourself technically so you can know if you have the ability to install it yourself or if there is an urgent need to hire some experts from outside.
2-Size;Size can be a big problem for security camera systems.For example, a micro-security camera that can be placed anywhere that is not easy to detect requires more advanced equipment to operate effectively.
3-Monitoring software;This can be a problem when camera system software cannot access the internet without using a browser, or is limited to certain types of internet browsers, such as internet explorer.
4-Internet access;If you don't have enough bandwidth and Internet speed, it's not easy to access the camera.
5-Image quality;This term is used to determine the quality of the picture.To determine the quality of the image, it depends on the pixels in which the image is created.
6-Motion detector: recording for every moment is a waste of time.Therefore, you should install the motion sensor on the camera to make the monitoring process more effective.
7-Placement: there is no perfect security camera to transfer video for all the places in your institution, even if you have a rotating camera installed, you will have a restricted view.Putting the camera somewhere requires you to know a piece of information about the area around the security camera.Problems such as waterproof lighting.Therefore, there are all kinds of security cameras, such as infrared cameras, which work in a dim environment.lighted area-And hidden cameras, where you can buy them with good features and quality like motion detectors.In addition to the hidden cameras, some managers prefer to put the security cameras in a compelling place for employees to remember that they are being monitored.It is also dangerous for criminals to find the camera and simply avoid it.In fact, security cameras can be used as a tool for conviction and protection, for example, placing security cameras in restaurants can make customers uncomfortable and may leave.However, it is very important to take the weather as one of the factors that affect your choice.It's best to make sure that the installed system works all year round.
8-Lighting;If your purpose of installing this type of camera is night monitoring, lighting can be a problem for you.You need to make sure it has enough light so the camera can do its job or you can also buy a security camera with infrared features.
9-Resolution: resolution reflects the quality of the captured image and the accuracy of the details.The higher the resolution, the better the image you take.Some security cameras cannot handle high resolution.The reason for the low image quality and accuracy.
10-Maintenance;Some security cameras are powered by batteries.So they need constant maintenance.In addition, the recorded video requires a storage space, such as a hard driver for forced maintenance.
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