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by:Hanway     2019-08-16
Today, businesses lose billions of dollars a year due to theft, fraud and vandalism from suppliers, customers and employees.In the past, business owners who have been using security cameras have been monitoring and preventing customer theft and burglary, but in today's business world, there are more reasons to use security cameras and surveillance systems.The following are the biggest benefits of installing security cameras and monitoring systems in all types of businesses.Monitoring and improving customer service business should focus on monitoring customer service as this is the primary reason why customers choose to be repeat customers.Business lost $35.For lost customers who are not satisfied with the received customer service, 4 billion per year.If businesses have security cameras and monitoring systems installed, they can monitor their customer service performance and make any necessary changes to improve customer service and reduce their money losses.In today's world of social media and customer review sites, businesses can't afford bad customer service.Only one customer who is not satisfied after sharing the negative experience with others may result in a loss of 10 customers.Monitoring and preventing fraudulent transactions is becoming more and more popular due to today's economy.Monitoring and preventing fraud in cheques, credit cards and gift cards is more important than ever.By using security cameras and monitoring systems at the checkout counter and providing appropriate training to employees, businesses can help reduce the loss of fraudulent transactions.Businesses are estimated to lose $6.Due to fraud, there are 6 billion people per year, and the number is still growing.Monitoring and preventing supplier theft and shortages another huge financial loss for businesses comes from supplier shortages and theft, which is equivalent to a decrease in inventory of $107 billion per year.This may be because the supplier does not provide the correct inventory quantity on the shopping list;A small amount of inventory taken out of the box, delivered less boxes than listed on the invoice, and delivered less inventory than ordered.These shortages may or may not be intentional, but business losses in any case.In addition, the shortage occurs when the delivery officer removes the item after counting and inventory, the supplier charges too much, and the delivery officer changes the good item to the old one.One of the most common reasons for monitoring and preventing burglary and vandalism enterprises to install security cameras and monitoring systems is to monitor and prevent burglary and vandalism during working hours and working hours.These will not only cause financial losses to the business because of property damage, but also if the customer thinks your business is unsafe, they will refuse.With losses totaling billions of dollars, workplace safety is a major concern for companies that want to protect themselves, their employees and their customers.Another common and important reason for monitoring and preventing theft and in-store theft of security cameras and surveillance systems installed by enterprises is to monitor and prevent theft and in-store theft;According to the national retail security survey, this is the 2nd source of inventory shortage.Theft and pick-up of stores accounted for 34% of the annual decline in inventory, at $10.The US retail industry loses 5 billion a year.When most people know that they are being watched, they don't steal things, so it is very important to strategically place cameras and monitors to reduce the risk of theft and in-store theft.Monitoring workers' compensation security cameras and monitoring systems can help business owners monitor the safety of workers and help to prove or refute workers' claims for compensation.Safety is not only for the employer, but also for the safety of the employees.The worker's claim for compensation may have a very large impact on the business.Last year 5.It is reported that 2 million private enterprises were injured and the US economy lost $110 billion.By using security cameras and surveillance systems, business owners can monitor security policies to avoid injuries and claims.In today's business world, monitoring and improving the productivity of employees, preventing the waste of time in job monitoring is critical to employee productivity;In particular, employees have access to the Internet, email, Facebook, etc.When businesses think that employees waste only about one hour a day, employees admit to wasting more than two hours a day.Employees not only waste time online, but also socialize with colleaguesStaff, personal business, arrival-Or leave early.As an enterprise owner, you know it is impossible to monitor every employee every minute of the working day, so the security camera and monitoring system appear here.Monitoring and preventing employee theft accounts for $ 47% or $14 of the company's annual decline.Annual loss of 6 billion;That's why companies should take advantage of security cameras and surveillance technologies.There are various forms of employee theft, including the use of household office supplies for personal use, theft of retail products, and retail theft on cash registers.Theft is at the highest risk when employees have needs and opportunities.Businesses have the right to worry about losing money due to theft, fraud and vandalism by employees, suppliers or customers.They also have the right to monitor their business using security cameras and surveillance systems to help prevent and reduce the annual losses caused by such incidents.
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