security camera box reviews of infrared security systems -

by:Hanway     2019-08-16
Infrared or infrared radiation is a radiation with a wavelength longer than visible light but shorter than microwave radiation.At the beginning of 1800, William heel, a famous British astronomers, discovered infrared rays, and since then, the potential to use them for photography and imaging has been in the minds of enthusiasts.Therefore, the history of the infrared camera can be traced back to roughly the same time as the thermal image discovery.An infrared camera using the "infrared thermal image" technology refers to a device or method used to detect the infrared energy emitted by an object and convert it into temperature.An image showing a clearly delineated area of temperature change or distribution is the final result of an infrared thermal image.Therefore, the infrared camera adopts a photographic technique for measuring the temperature difference in the infrared range, which is first used in the medical field.The infrared security camera uses infrared instead of conventional lightning spectrum.In this way, they can produce better images with insufficient light.Modern night vision cameras are recorded in black and white at night, and some will record colors during the day, while infrared cameras will not set you up even in full darkness.For anyone who needs to take an image in a low-light area, an infrared camera can be a perfect solution.Imaging with an infrared camera takes little time, but it works in a completely dark environment and is also a cost-saving investment.The infrared camera should not be confused with the night camera.Night cameras can be recorded with insufficient light, while infrared cameras/illuminators can provide images with insufficient light.This camera is usually light in weight and easy to install.Night-Time imaging of infrared security cameras is essentially blackand-White (monochrome) imaging.These cameras produce color images during the day and when there is plenty of light.The camera automatically switches to infrared mode when the light drops to a preset threshold (factory setting or user adjustable.Day/night cameras extend the threshold slightly by using very sensitive video sensors, and can still produce color images in extremely low light, but unless the camera is also infrared sensitive, no matter how low, the lights are available.Optical video sensor.Keep in mind that even at night, nearby street lights, signs, and even the moon and stars give out some light, so in some cases, a good day/night camera is better than an infrared camera.Images from infrared cameras often produce monochrome images, as these gadgets typically only design a sensor that responds to infrared radiation in a single wavelength range.This limitation is due to the need for more complex structures for color cameras to distinguish wavelengths.The mini IR camera can basically be used in secret or espionage, its size can be lipstick or even a small bullet box.Small infrared camera also has unique advantages, can be integrated into a variety of oweBecause it can be easily hidden under clothes or even under accessories like head --Wear gear or eyes.An infrared camera is a camera security system that can record video in case of insufficient light, while other types of security cameras cannot record video.They are able to work with very low levels of light, even in very dark situations.Only the security camera system can shoot black and white video, but this is better than not.Infrared (or IR) captures infrared radiation.The bulbs of this camera are different in size and quantity, from 64 to 6.
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