scuba with the best underwater camera housings - bullet camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-12
scuba with the best underwater camera housings  -  bullet camera housing
For all scuba diving enthusiasts looking for information about underwater camera housing and other scuba gear, you will need to speak to scuba diving experts.
When it comes to underwater camera shells, they may be an important part of the photographic equipment of scuba divers, especially for professional photographers.
The type and price of housing may vary greatly.
Some can be bought for around $100, others can be bought for over $6,000 for professional diving.
But if you make a living by underwater photography, the investment is well worth it for a lifetime of filming.
Professional level underwater camera housing: the camera housing range of the Top Dawg offers a new design capable of installing more than 180 Sony cameras.
It has a bigger 3.
5 inch New hard anodized finish for display back, optical glass front and aluminum construction.
It is one of the best entry-level underwater video systems in the world for about $2700 and is suitable for professionals.
Subal: Subal produces a range of top-of-the-line camera cases to suit cameras of different brands and offers top-of-the-line structures and features such as two lens installation options that allow a wider range of lenses, many models are not available.
While they cost twice as much as the top Doug collection, SuPAR has a loyal following among professional underwater photography experts, even over $6,000.
Gates underwater: Gates underwater camera system is the top of a range of camera housing that offers a wide range of camera housing to suit many of the most popular cameras.
Define yourself as a "bullet"
Proof ", and good down to 400 feet, these top-notch shells are made through authorized dealers, which is hard to find on the Internet for the price, which may tell you how much they might have to spend.
Many professional photographers use the gates system, a leader in the high level underwater shell industry. Semi-
Professional and beginner level: Ikelite underwater housing is made for top camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Fuji.
These are considered mid-range, about $1500, so half
Professionals can get reliable housing to provide professional performance for competing more expensive products.
It offers a wide range of switchable lens ports and superior optical quality.
Fuji: Fuji has launched an affordable collection of digital small cameras with a diving kit that goes deep into 130 feet.
For less than $400, you can take professional digital photos, making it an affordable starter home.
Olympus: Olympus has an underwater shell line that can dive around 130 feet and allows digital photography under water with a wide range of digital camera lines.
Their underwater camera housing line is designed with ports for wide-angle and macro lenses, allowing divers to take pictures more naturally with a real-time LCD.
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