rs 2cr project to quell monkey menace in city | agra news - times of india - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-16
rs 2cr project to quell monkey menace in city | agra news - times of india  -  outdoor enclosure
Agra: the city's development authority will invest nearly Rs 2 for the first phase of the monkey rescue and rehabilitation program to curb ape attacks on locals.
Although the project focuses primarily on disinfection of simians, the initial phase will focus on building the necessary infrastructure.
A large sum of money has been allocated for the establishment of an action theater, and X-
Ray and ultrasonic machine and set up an outdoor fence with pond.
The fence will accommodate 50 monkeys considered hostile.
Rehabilitation centers are expected near Farah
The catherm Forest is located between Agra and Mathura.
The project is based on public-private partnerships (PPP)
Model of cooperation between ADA and animal rescue NGO Wildlife SOS.
According to the project documentation provided by TOI, the project is divided into several stages.
Phase 1 (
April 2015-March 2016), about Rs 1.
94 crore infrastructure will be invested.
In addition, during this period, 100 monkeys will be disinfected each month.
The second phase, Rs 1.
70 crore will be used each month to treat 200 monkeys.
Baiju Raj, senior coordinator and project manager for Wildlife SOS, said, "This project is important to avoid daily human activities
Wildlife Conflict
We will capture 100 monkeys a month and disinfect them.
We will release them from where they were caught.
"But those monkeys who are sick or aggressive will be left in the rehabilitation center until they recover," he added . ".
ADA Secretary Prabhanshu sriava told TOI, "although this is an expensive pilot project, it will certainly help to reduce the number of cases where monkeys are hostile.
Another focus is on reducing their growing population.
Once controlled, the number of monkeys skipping school in public will also decrease.
The ADA senior official quoted a survey conducted by the local government and Wildlife SOS as saying that there are nearly 7,000 monkeys in Agra, and the number of Maura is almost the same.
"We are confident in the success of this project.
"I hope that our pilot program will be followed by other cities that are plagued by such problems," he said . ".
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