pride and pain: a mother and her sons - one a scholarship winner and another knifed to death - cctv camera housing with wiper

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
pride and pain: a mother and her sons - one a scholarship winner and another knifed to death  -  cctv camera housing with wiper
For the Observer, Wednesday morning in angle town looks normal.
A furnished van delivered a new lounge, a lonely young man kicked a ball on the dilapidated football field fence, and the cleaner chatted happily on the street.
But in the corridor of Lorraine Jones, the news of her neighbor, 24year-
The old Ogala Dickson, known as Gora, was shot and killed in the manor on the night before his arrival, like a bomb.
Lorraine urgently sent her son's friend Jason to King's College Hospital to learn about Gora and kept calling him and asking him, "Are you still there?
What do they say?
But the hospital will not disclose.
"The police are talking to their families," Jason reported back.
Lorraine is determined to remain optimistic, but her head slowly hangs down as updates flood.
"The rumor seems to be true," she said softly . ".
"I just confirmed it.
Gora has died.
Four doors under the bouquet began to arrive. Knots of tear-
After the news of Gora's murder spread, young people with stripes gathered in the cornerof-
And social media.
I watched a teenager fall down on the sidewalk and bend her knees when she learned the news.
Mothers lined up in groups.
"Why is this happening?
They asked each other.
Many people know Gora all their lives.
A person familiar with the matter said he had been eligible for a forklift the day before his death.
It was my third day in Angell Town, Brixton, where I witnessed the life of a manor but fell into the aftermath of death.
I met Gora in Lorraine-
At 6ft 7in, it's hard for him to miss it.
My thoughts turned to his younger brother Timon, who I also met, who told me about his sport and upgraded the shabby football field in the center of the manor.
In grief, I see the resilience of the people of angle town: especially the inspiring power of the mother and the solidarity of the community.
For the 42-year-old Loring, Gora's death evokes painful memories of her 20-year-oldyear-
Old son Dwayne was stabbed to death last year in angle town.
However, as rumors of "gang attacks" continue to circulate, her concerns about others --
The safety of young people and the fear that they will retaliate.
She went out and said to them, "I know there's a lot of anger, children, but I don't want you to do anything.
We have to deal with this in the right way.
"Later that day, there was news that no hostile gangs were involved, and Gora was apparently shot dead after a dispute at the Manor two blocks from where I lived. The post-
The autopsy found that shortly after midnight, his chest was shot.
Standard photographers Matt renter and Kelan Mensa seem to be the last to see Gora alive.
They left where I stayed the night before and walked to the subway station at eleven o'clock P. M. and passed him on the street.
Kiran, who has family members in angle town, knows Gora and greets each other.
Outside the manor, it was reported that both the murderer and the victim had come from angle town and received the same news as a double bereavement.
Kamika Nathan, a 36-year-old single mother, said: "We let the other two children down.
As adults and role models, we must look at ourselves and use this terrible moment to turn things around.
Kathy Bennett, 54, has lived in this manor since she was six and raised three children there, she said: "We have a good community here, we
I have never been robbed, my children have never had any trouble, but there is this violence.
"We are like our biggest enemy.
It broke my heart.
I racked my brains on what to do.
No one knows how to stop it.
Lorraine spent the day comforting the crying child and the upset mother who asked her for support.
She also has something positive to focus on.
Like a champagne reception at the independent Royal Russell School in Croydon, her 16-year-
Son Malachi won a scholarship.
"I am proud of him," she said . ".
"We must celebrate life in death.
We will survive.
But the drama of the day is not over.
Later, I found myself stopped at the manor by professional police officers waving black Kler and Koch assault rifles.
The police jumped out accompanied by undercover detectives, handcuffed 20-year-old Hugh, who had been chatting with a group of friends on the street.
He protested that he was an undergraduate in Business Economics with no criminal record and that he did nothing wrong, but the CCTV camera operator located on the remote site zoomed in on his picture and
Deliver this information to the arriving police within minutes. A crowd formed. Tension rose. One eight-year-
The old boy looked at the police cordon and silently pointed his gun to the community. He bit his teeth and said, "What are you looking?
"The children of my first host, Golda Mochia, were there too.
Many of these children have seen police raids before and have become tough on them.
At the same time, the police checked the identity of the young people and found that they had caught the wrong person and left.
The next day, when Richard Wood, commander of Lambeth autonomous city, visited Lorraine to learn about the temperature of the community and pay tribute to Gora's parents, I saw the other side of the police's involvement
If Lorraine thinks the time is right
After her son died last year, the autonomous city commander visited Lolin and the two began to build a warm, trusting relationship.
"It's so sad because I feel like things are starting to get better in angle town," Mr. Wood sighed after having a cup of tea in her living room.
"Most people here are law.
But we must stop this violent crime.
Lorraine thanked him for coming and said frankly: "It's like this, Richard, there's no place for our young people to go in angle town.
Our young people need a place to get together, a community center, and they need to see some investment in them.
"We buried our children on one side of the wall, and on the other, the yuppies were enjoying their lives.
This is London, not Afghanistan.
It should not be a war zone for us.
Her head fell for a moment.
"In fact, commander, it feels like a battle of good and evil.
I have been working with 20 young people to make a plan to raise our property through boxing and work, but on the other hand, we have gang members who become useless.
The two groups of young people were friends, they grew up together and even had 1 feet people in the two camps.
"So the question we have is: which group will we empower?
Gang members or change makers?
"In order to unlock the potential of angle town, try to open a security door where different stakeholders hold part of the code --
The Lambeth Council, the police, and of course the residents.
To be successful, they need to find a way to work together.
Loring added that it is not time for the commander to visit Gora's parents.
"I will tell you," she said.
"Maybe a few days later.
There was a lot of anger outside.
She smiled weakly.
"Praise God and let's spend the weekend.
Sanden cadette, 23, angle town, was charged with the murder of Ogala Dickson.
He entered a no.
The plea and trial are scheduled for January 4.
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