police officers pelted by ‘molotov cocktail’ in paris suburb, 2 in serious condition (video) - cctv camera housing with wiper

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
police officers pelted by ‘molotov cocktail’ in paris suburb, 2 in serious condition (video)  -  cctv camera housing with wiper
“[A group of]
About 1500 hours, 15 people attacked police cars, "a representative of the police union told bfm TV.
"Throw stones to prevent police from leaving their vehicles when attacked by Molotov cocktails.
"The burn was very serious and two officers had to be treated on site before being taken to hospital.
More than 30% hands of one of the police officers were burned.
"Other officials arriving as second car reinforcements were also attacked by Molotov cocktails," the spokesman added . ".
The initial target is 28-year-old man and 39-year-
The old woman was monitoring CCTV cameras recently installed at a crossroads named after a local bakery when they were attacked by mobs of about 15 people.
The injured police were taken to hospital while the passengers of the second car were slightly injured.
Reinforcements of riot gear arrived at the scene soon.
No one was arrested, however.
An investigation into attempted murder is underway.
The incident drew swift condemnation from politicians.
French President Francois Hollande described the ambush as "unspeakable and intolerable" and vowed in a statement that "all efforts will be made to find this one
He also said that the injured officers received "full solidarity from the Republic ". Nicholas Dupont
Egnan of the French Gaul party accused the country of "weakness in crime ".
The leader on the right, Marlene Le Pen.
The wing National Front called for the restoration of "authority ".
As the Parisians point out, the cameras in the area are at the root of the police and local drug conflicts --
A trading gang with Ram.
Other camera devices have been raided several times.
Grande Manor was one of the perpetrators of the January 2015 attacks in Paris, where Amedy Coulibaly grew up and was a trouble spot during the 2005 riots.
Built in the 1960 s as an affordable job-
Class housing, now one of Paris's most notorious suburbs, has a high crime rate and unemployment rate, and has a deep sense of alienation from French society.
Visiting Researcher at City University of London and radical evolution expert Douglas Zhou told RT that violence against police is one of the consequences of all time
The gap between government and local communities is growing and there is a lack of clear integration strategies.
"While the government will not say, 'We are here and we want you to be a part of us.
There must be a mechanism to allow this to happen, he said, and one would like to be able to do so, adding that the attack indicated "a further separation between the wider public and those in power.
He said: "immigrants from different backgrounds who come to France, other parts of Europe and North America may already have an inherent distrust of the police and the authorities.
What's worse is that the radicalization of an area makes them self-
Isolated, easily instilled.
"When you have this particular discontent in this community, it makes these people particularly good at accepting other radical ideologies as survival mechanisms in their own minds, or as a way to counter those in power, "Zhou said.
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