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by:Hanway     2019-08-17
Plaster casting is a useful art form for all types of crafts, sculptures or modeling, but the basic plaster of the Paris mixture is very fragile;Strengthening it with glue will produce a plaster that will stand the test of time.The plaster of Paris is made of fine grinding plaster heated to 160 degrees.The heating process removes water and produces a powder that artists and builders have been using for their projects for centuries.
This basic formula of plaster and glue is used for small cast projects.This mixture is durable enough to be sanded with fine sand.
.Ensure the proportion of ingredients remains the same.
Cover your work area with a layer of newspaper to prevent plaster from sticking to important surfaces.
Place 1 1/4-Water in a plastic mixing bowl.Add 1/4-Glass of white glue to water.Mix the water with the glue until the glue is fully incorporated into the water.The water should be white and creamy.
Slowly pour two glasses of plaster from Paris into the water.Add a small amount of plaster at a time.Sprinkle the plaster evenly on the surface of the water and glue mixture.Let the plaster settle to the bottom and do not stir.Stirring at this time may cause too much air bubbles, thus weakening the plaster.Continue to add the Paris plaster before you run out of all 2 cups.
Let the plaster rest for about five minutes before stirring.Use the plaster mixture immediately.
The use of more plaster in the plaster mixture creates a more rigid dense mold.Using less plaster creates more porous and brittle molds.
If the fine dust on the Paris plaster affects you, wear a mask.Wear vinyl gloves to protect your hands.
Side cleaning will make the process easier.Wash the mixing utensils and bowls with warm water and soap.Never pour the remaining plaster of Paris into the sewer.This can clog the pipe once it gets hard and become an expensive mistake.If the plaster is hardened on the surface, please carefully break or slice the hardened plaster and clean the area with soap and water.
The mixing of Paris plaster with water can cause heat release reaction.Never apply the plaster of Paris to your skin.It can cause serious burns.If it falls on your skin, wipe the wet plaster with a dry paper towel and clean the area with a wet paper towel and soap.
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