‘peeping toms’ of cctv jailed - cctv camera case

by:Hanway     2019-09-10
‘peeping toms’ of cctv jailed  -  cctv camera case
Two CCTV staff members were jailed for spying at a naked woman's home.
On November 2004, Mark Summerton and Kevin Judge, who worked for the Sefton committee in Merseyside, trained a street camera in a young woman's apartment.
She was photographed hugging her boyfriend before taking off her clothes, going to the toilet and taking a shower.
The 37-year-old, from Kirkdale, Liverpool, was sentenced to four months' imprisonment in the Liverpool court.
A 42-year-old judge from Merseyside Waterloo was jailed for two months.
Judge Gerald Clifton said: "It is absurd to look at what is happening as a laddish act.
All you need to do is read this lady's impact statement to be aware of the painful impact this has on her.
Her life was almost ruined.
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