panchkula to get 379 new cctv cameras, drones | chandigarh news - times of india - cctv camera box

by:Hanway     2019-09-14
panchkula to get 379 new cctv cameras, drones | chandigarh news - times of india  -  cctv camera box
PANCHKULA: to provide more for residents
Panchkula municipality plans to install 379 CCTV cameras throughout the area, which requires additional attention from safety and police.
The planned CCTV cameras will be equipped with face recognition technology, which will help police better identify criminals.
Not only that, but MC plans to buy two drones.
13 rupees in total.
The project will cost 50 crore and 35 km fiber will be laid throughout the area.
Panchkula MC Commissioner rajeshjogpalsaid decided to provide a safe Panchkula for its residents and to provide additional assistance to the police.
Of the 56 cameras installed in Panchkula, 8 were damaged in the August 25 dera violence.
The damaged camera will be replaced by a new camera, added Jogjogpal.
CCTV cameras will be equipped with day and night IP-
Based on full HD box.
So far, 15 km fiber has been laid to connect 13 locations.
The commissioner says there are already five places where high-speed radio links are connected.
The new CCTV cameras will also be installed in 30 key locations provided by Panchkula cops.
In addition, panijar, Karka and Barra will also be acquired.
The rest of the cameras will be installed in market areas and in-house departments, he said.
The new cameras will be connected to the CCTV control room of the 14 district police station and the individual small control rooms will be built by Pinjore, Kalka and Barwala.
There will be 30 in the control room-
Daily Record limit.
If the primary server is damaged, the backup server will be installed.
Each camera will be able to automatically identify license plates and install software on 15 cameras set up at key entry and exit points in the city.
The camera can also recognize faces, which will help us identify the wanted criminals, says Jogjogpal.
It is reported that Panchkula will install drones within four weeks, but it may take six months to install CCTV cameras.
In addition to the existing zone 14 control room, three new control rooms will be set up to maintain a strict vigil in the area, the official said.
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