outdoor waterproof case How to Keep a Camera Dry in a Canoe

by:Hanway     2019-08-25
For photographers, canoes are the perfect platform to capture some incredible images of wildlife and nature.The temptation is to throw the camera around your neck, jump on a canoe and start paddling.But before you start your photo adventure, remember the cost of the camera and the inherited instability of the canoe.The shape and form of the canoe make the paddler closer to the wildlife than the traditional boat.But the advantage of the canoe also determines its weakness.Canoes can be easily overturned!You need to protect your camera from "dunk in a drink", but for those lashes you need to get close to the hand --of-the-moment shots.Explanation: It's easy to buy a dry bag.The dry bag is a heavy duty plastic or polyurethane bag with a large enough opening to hold a digital camera of 35mm.Transparent dry bags like Aquapac-Whanganui waterproof housing is the perfect choice for fixing DSLR.Look for a backpack that can be safely placed at the bottom of the canoe.The backpack is about 37 inch in length and is suitable for most canoes.The Dakine Pro 2 backpack is an excellent one with a waterproof cover and a sealed zipper, perfect for keeping the camera dry.If you're looking for a photoSpecific backpack check for bags made by Domke, Tamrac and LowePro.These backpacks are specially designed for DSLR with a zoom lens.Put the camera in a dry bag.Then put the camera in your waterproof backpack.Tie or tie the backpack with a rope or bungee rope in the canoe to reach the paddle position.
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