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by:Hanway     2019-08-23
Smartec STC-3620 ultimate compact outdoor camera for round-the-Clock operation in outdoor conditions and IR-can be used-illuminator.It is characterized by Sony super ii ccd, Modern DSP-Processor, 4 x zoom lens with AI and metal case with IP66 protection level.Unlike many similar products, this outdoor camera can produce a highHigh quality video with up to 700 TVL resolution and 0.15/0.001 lux in color and B/W mode.Improved video quality STC-3620 ULTIMATE supports digital noise reduction, glare compensation, and image stabilization.
The new model is the best model for outdoor daytime/evening video surveillance.It is equipped with a zoom lens and is placed in a compact metal case of 66x112mm size.STC-3620 take advantage of the zoom lens of 2.8-12mm focal length and AI.Camera metal housing with IP66 protection class is equipped with a heater, controlled by a special processor, allowing the outdoor camera to work in the following temperature range40 to +50 ° C.In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, the new safety equipment has installed concealed wiring cables through the bracket.
Sony super ii ccd and DSPThe processor provides clear images with high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high light compensation and effective noise reduction.Due to video conversion, this outdoor camera transmits images with a resolution of 600/700 TVL in color and B/W mode.In the CCTV system, the use of the camera provides a high level of image detail, especially for the identification of outdoor objects.
For high-The high quality operation of the Smartec outdoor camera in different light conditions activates the IR-Switch STC-cut off filter3620 between day and night modes.The sensitivity of the camera is about 0.15 lux in daily mode, 0.001 lux operates in night mode, while activation in SenseUp mode increases the sensitivity to 0.00003 lux.Prevent spontaneous switching between day and night modes in a short period of timeThis outdoor camera allows the operator to adjust the switch delay time from 5 seconds to 60 seconds.
An important advantage of STC3620 the ultimate is its construction-In the infrared illuminator, it helps the outdoor camera to generate detailed black and white images even in the case of complete darkness.Thanks to 20 IR LEDs with high luminous efficiency, the new outdoor model reduces the cost of the installation of the monitoring system, excluding additional light sources for the lighting of the monitoring area.
STC-3620 ULTIMATE uses some new features to improve image quality.For example, an outdoor camera supports digital image stabilization (DIS) to eliminate the blur effect caused by gusts or vibrations.Due to high light compensation (HLC), the camera darkens the bright area of the frame, increasing the visibility of the overall image.This pattern is particularly useful in identifying the license plates of cars driving in the dark, such as headlights, etc.
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