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by:Hanway     2019-08-22
We use CCTV cameras (CCTV) for surveillance, security, property protection, monitoring of employee performance and monitoring areas that may be considered unsafe for human habitation.We use CCTV cameras (CCTV) for surveillance, security, property protection, monitoring of employee performance and monitoring areas that may be considered unsafe for human habitation.The output of these CCTV cameras is input into the security digital video recorder (DVR.This DVR can store videos for later viewing, enter them into the security center, or connect to the Internet to watch from anywhere in the world on your computer or smartphone.This gives you a lot of flexibility to view your CCTV network in real time from your office or workplace, or to have a video record of a time stamp for later use.Security DVR can be a standIndividual units or DVR with ample recording space can be very small and integrated with records on camera and memory cards.When choosing a CCTV system, homeowners or business owners may have different needs and preferences.Business owners may want to spend time, energy and money installing a wired system that includes not only the video but also the power cord.Homeowners may not want the wires to go through the walls and they may want to bring the CCTV system to their new home.The homeowner will then choose a wireless system that is easier to install or relocate.When choosing cameras for CCTV systems, we have a lot of options, most of which have specific uses.Indoor cameras are the most common CCTV cameras for offices, homes, schools and retail locations.The indoor camera can be wired, wireless, color or black and white.If security is required around the clock or 24 hours, we can use the infrared day and night camera.These cameras can be taken during the day or in almost completely dark environments.To ensure good images, these cameras use infrared LEDs to illuminate areas or objects that are not visible to the human eye, so the intruder will not know that they are being recorded.The dome camera places a small camera in the dome-shaped housing.The camera can target a specific area or adjust to a wide field of view.Dome cameras are usually placed on the ceiling, but can be placed on the wall or even on the floor as needed.This camera is perfect for viewing large areas of the landscape with a lot of people, and the camera is very discreet.The bullet camera is suitable for focusing in a specific area;And it's not very big, so it doesn't attract much attention.The camera itself is placed in a cylindrical shell to make them look like a large bullet.There are a lot of options for bullet cameras as they can be day/night, indoor/outdoor and damage-proof, which is required.An outdoor camera is a camera that can be placed in an outdoor element.These cameras can be equipped with internal heaters if needed and are useful for viewing parking lots, doors and outdoor equipment.Pan tilt and zoom cameras (PTZ) can remotely control Pan (left or right), tilt (up and down) or zoom in to an object or revert to width-A larger perspective.These cameras can be controlled on site via remote control or via internet using your computer.All controls go through your secure DVR, so a record with a timestamp is stored.The next camera is a nanny camera or a hidden spy camera.This is a small CCTV camera inside an ordinary object, such as a clock, radio, mirror or a sign someone wants to find in the room.In addition, the object inside the camera is fully functional and helps to disguise the camera.The hidden camera can be wired, wireless, or comes with it.Install your own DVR inside the object.The cheapest is the cable camera, which can connect to your computer, router and internet via a secure DVR.The wireless version can also be connected to your computer or the Internet.A self-The included or hidden camera with an internal DVR can easily be moved from one location to another and recorded on the memory card for later viewing.To save recording space, DVR can usually set hidden spy cameras for motion detection.When purchasing a camera, you can choose between a color or black and white camera and a daytime or night lens.We finally have a camera.This camera has its own IP address and can be connected directly to the Internet or your computer.If the camera is connected directly to the Internet without a computer or DVR, you can access the video from anywhere in the world, but you will not make a timestamp record.If you are willing to accept any restrictions, these cameras can greatly reduce the cost of monitoring a specific area without using the DVR.When preparing to purchase an aCCTV system or camera, ask the person selling the device about the use, compatibility and available options.A good home or office CCTV system is not expensive and you can use a video surveillance system to reduce the cost of insurance.In court, there is no better evidence of a video record of the offender's timed stamp.
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