one gunâx80x99s path to destruction more of cnnâx80x99s coverage credits - security camera box

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one gunâx80x99s path to destruction more of cnnâx80x99s coverage credits  -  security camera box
On Thursday, March 21, 2019, a supplementary report by Scott Glover, cnn investigating Drew Griffin, Scott Brownstein and Jose pagelli, he grabbed the steering wheel of his mother Honda Civic Yi Chang can feel his inner anger, penetrating the haze of Xanax from the pills that popped up earlier.
A man on the crosswalk just yelled at Chang after he passed because he was too close to make him feel comfortable.
Chang turned the car around and found Smith and Wesson.
He was with him that day.
He took aim, pulled the trigger, got a little closer, and then shot again.
Engineering student Tarek Oueslati collapsed on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco.
He was shot in the chest.
The 25-year-old Zhang flew away and let him die.
Four years later, Zhang Yong confessed.
He said that if the gun was registered in his name, he would not have committed such a crime.
This is a market for people who don't want paper.
Do you know what I mean? He told CNN.
With a legal gun, you're always thinking about the gun on this piece of paper.
The picture on this paper.
You have to think twice before you do anything.
CNN's unregulated investigation into gun sales found that unlicensed dealers defy national gun laws and provide a steady stream of weapons to people like Chang who are banned from owning guns, or a gun that goes back to them.
According to interviews with more than a dozen current and former federal agents and prosecutors across the country, it is difficult for unlicensed dealers to be found, to be prosecuted, and often to be punished with leniency even when convicted.
Thomas qitum said: "I know from my own personal experience as an investigator that many of the guns I found in violent crimes were obtained through unlicensed dealers, A senior agent and senior executive at the headquarters of the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau in Washington DC.
Some of them have been prosecuted, said the company.
I would say most people don't.
At the heart of the problem is a federal regulation with vague wording, which hinders efforts by law enforcement to combat illegal gun trading and effectively helps maintain the black market for gun sales.
The legal distinction between temporary sellers of guns and gun dealers that do not require background checks on potential buyers is vague.
Law enforcement officials and gun control advocates say the proposed general background check legislation passed by the House last month will significantly ease the problem.
Next week, when the judicial committee plans to hold a hearing on another gun control measure, the issue may be raised in the Senate.
CNN reviewed dozens of cases of illegal transactions across the country, including some sellers who were warned by the ATF that it might be illegal, but still continue to sell guns.
The CNN survey found that unlicensed gun dealers provide a steady stream of weapons for those who should not have guns.
Sellers are unlikely to become suspects in many cases:
Law-abiding citizens with no criminal record.
These include police, federal agents, fire chiefs and defense department employees who have obtained national security clearance.
CNN found that gun spending in the hands of unlicensed dealers now involved crime scenes and police investigations from the coast to the coast, including armed robbery, car robbery and murder.
The story tells how easily Zhang Xiaochuan was shot and killed throughout American society.
It brings together a wide range of characters, including a convicted pair of heavy criminals from San Francisco, a member of the famous wheat --
An agricultural family from Washington state and a high school softball coach
As a government witness
There are allegations that there are secret deals involving bags full of weapons in exchange for envelopes full of cash, and guns that fall into the hands of the bad guys.
Zhang, a former US Marine and now a bartender in San Francisco, has never publicly talked about the case so far.
Located in a small town in Curley, Washington, more than 800 miles north of the place where oserati fell on the San Francisco sidewalk.
It is an agricultural community of several hundred people, about two hours west of Spokane, a dirt road, rolling wheat fields, picking land
Trucks, tractors and cowboy hats.
Everyone knows that the Hunter family is part of the town structure.
Family patriarch Terry Hunt has been the owner of Grange, Washington for many years, a statewide charity with a focus on serving agricultural communities.
From 1998 to 2010, his wife Mary served as the county commissioner who was elected three times.
This family owns and runs a 25,000-
Acre wheat and cattle ranch and one of their grown-up sons, Rusty, provide hunting guides for trophy deer, pheasant and other animals on the property.
Hunting also bought and sold many guns.
They have been doing it for many years.
Terry Hunt will buy weapons at a discount in Washington state and then sell them at a gun show in Reno, Nevada.
April of 2012 in Oueslati was shot of two years ago Terry in Hunter get the ATF agent of access.
The agent told Hunt that his sale of firearms caught the attention of the ATF, that he was a man who ran a gun without a license, describing the contents of the conversation according to the affidavit of the federal search warrant.
Gun dealers must be licensed under federal law.
They need to conduct background checks on potential customers and keep records of all weapons they have acquired and sold.
The background investigation section of the law is designed to ensure that dealers do not sell to convicted criminals, domestic abusive or mentally unstable people.
Agent Heidi Wallace told Hunter that some of his guns were found at the crime scene in California.
She asked him that he bought a handgun in 2008 and was later confiscated 2010 by the FBI in San Francisco.
Hunter told Wallace that he did not remember who he sold to, but admitted to selling weapons at the large Renault gun show frequented by California residents, a stricter gun law than Nevada.
Terry Hunt says he doesn't think it's his problem that people in California will have guns or not, and that's [the problem]to the]
According to the affidavit, the buyer knows what they can do.
Hunter told the agent that he might do the next three gun shows at Renault and then quit.
She retorted that he could not continue his business as he did in the past.
According to the affidavit, as a citizen without a federal firearms permit, Wallace explained that he was prohibited from buying weapons in his own name for the purpose of selling them to others.
This is the only thing that allows a franchisee to do, she said.
She added that he had violated federal law by selling guns to anyone who was not a resident of his own state.
Then she handed Hunter a letter.
Its title is "notice of warning of violations of unlicensed gun trading ".
This letter is intended to formally advise you to stop doing gun trading business before seeking and obtaining a federal firearms license, it wrote.
According to the affidavit, Wallace then submitted an application to Hunter to become a licensed federal gun dealer.
Wording of one of the four questions
For the government, the page file will later prove to be problematic.
The attack on Oueslati made headlines in the Gulf region: it was a shocking crime, a blatant road rage attack, formed with the peaceful atmosphere of the city
It is only a few blocks from a row of iconic Victorian houses, known as painted ladies, and often appears on postcards of the city skyline.
A witness told police that the gunman smiled when he opened fire.
The case has not been resolved for weeks when Oueslati recovered in hospital.
Then the police took a break.
A sfpd superintendent, Thomas Ly, found a gray Honda Civic, similar to the one that appeared in the security camera footage that took part of the incident.
Ly manages the license plate, which is registered under the name of a woman, and she and her two sons live about six blocks from the place where Oueslati was shot dead.
Ly then compared the photo of the son with the comprehensive sketch of the suspect.
Both have several similarities to the sketch, writes Ly.
The police officer then put together a photo lineup that included photos of the driver's license of the brothers and four other men and showed them to the witnesses.
I want him to smile in this picture, the witness said when he showed the photo of the change.
But he looks like that man.
Not absolutely, but I'm pretty sure.
Police issued a search warrant to family apartments and Honda.
In the car, under the driver's seat, they found part of the Glock pistol.
After the search, Chang was arrested, police said.
A few days later, on a phone call from the county prison and his mother, Chang mentioned the barrel and told her to go to Tim, according to the court records.
A search for contacts in chang phone's phone shows more than 1,000 phones and a text message from a person named Timothy Y. Chan.
It turns out that Chen was suspended for being convicted of 2011 guilty of holding an offensive weapon.
Police received a search warrant and searched his house on 2nd Avenue, Richmond district.
There, they found two guns and two gun boxes with serial numbers that can be traced back to hunting.
On an empty box, the serial number matches the Glock part of the variable Honda.
The other empty box is from Smith and Weisen. 38 revolver.
The gun fired the same bullet as the one found from the Oueslati crime scene.
Two weeks after searching Tim Charne's home, ATF agents carried out secret operations at the large Renault gun show.
It has been two and a half years since agent Wallace sent Terry Hunt a letter warning him to stop trading guns.
However, Hunter stood behind a table full of them and his wife, Mary, stood by him.
An undercover agent wearing a secret recording device went to the table and negotiated with Terry to buy Glock.
According to a summary of the encounter contained in the affidavit of the federal search warrant, the 380 pistol costs $545.
Terry asked the agent to pay Mary.
When undercover offered to show her the driver's license, Mary said there was no need.
She sold the weapon without conducting a background check or filling out any documents.
About 20 minutes later, the agent watched Terry Hunt make another deal with someone who wanted to buy the same brand and model guns.
The man told Hunter that he did not want to fill out any paper work.
He then handed Hunter a large sum of cash.
A head of Hunts later told CNN that hunting has become hopeless.
Zhang Rong was easily arrested on October and charged with attempted murder.
Federal authorities turned their attention to Timothy Chen, a friend of Chandi.
Chen, 25, who is already a convicted heavy criminal, faces the prospect of federal weapons charges that could be tougher than the sentences he received in state courts.
The FBI wants to know that Jackie Chan can tell them about guns.
On Dec.
2014, Chen and his lawyer sat down for a meeting hosted by Will frencen, an assistant US lawyer in San Francisco. Sgt.
Ly, the SFPD investigator and an ATF agent were also present, but according to the recording of the two, Frentzen was hosting the show
CNN commented on the one-hour meeting.
As long as Jackie Chan is telling the truth, he is granted the right to be exempted from prosecution.
Frentzen once said that we are not within the scope of Tim Chan's business.
Related to some other things we are interested in.
That's why we're talking to you.
The ATF agent in the room reminded Chan of 2011 of his conviction for holding offensive weapons and said that in this case, A gun is from the same place as the one that was recently recovered from his home.
This is a model, he said.
Chen finally admitted half of him.
Brother Kenny Chi and Uncle Jack Lee sometimes go to the gun show in Reno, Nevada to buy guns.
He said that once he took part in the gun show, but they did not buy any weapons on that trip.
Chee, 41, works in the optical division of Costco and runs a fireworks show Company, where Tim Chan also works.
Chee is also a convicted heavy criminal who was sentenced to five years in prison for shooting a teenager in 1997.
Lee owns his own house on 2nd Avenue in San Francisco, where Tim Chen lives, and police have discovered hunting-related guns and gun cases.
Chen told investigators he didn't know who bought weapons at the Nevada gun show.
Chan and Chee declined to be interviewed by lawyers representing two people in past cases.
Li, who gave a brief interview outside his home, told CNN that he had not been at the big Renault gun show for several years, but declined to answer questions.
I have nothing to say about it, Li said.
This is the past.
A police officer suspected of illegal gun trading sold weapons to people who could not legally buy them.
The illegal gun trade between the two men sparked crime and tragedy in Washington. C.
File display, etc.
The verdict on unlicensed gun trading is often light.
However, this trauma remains for women who are armed with robbery.
During the interrogation of chanadi, investigators showed him a series of photos.
One investigator said that these were people from the Bay Area who showed pictures one after another.
Would you be surprised that they were all caught by a gun from exactly the same place? All your guns are from the same place?
This is no coincidence, added the same investigator later.
Investigators also pressed Chen to ask if he had met with Zhang within hours of the shooting of oserati.
Chen initially told investigators that he had never met his friend that afternoon.
But when faced with text messages indicating that he was waiting outside the apartment building in easya Hills about an hour after the shooting, Jackie Chan changed his story.
He admitted he saw it easy to get out of his apartment and take something from his car.
Did you see anything in his hand?
Asked an investigator.
Is he holding something?
"Cigarettes," Chen replied . ".
He said it was easy and went back to his apartment, the last time he saw him that day.
An investigator asked about Chen's whereabouts.
From the Earliest to the empty box of hunting.
He insisted that he did not know what was going on with the gun.
Nearly a year later, according to records, police conducted a computer inquiry into the weapon and found that the weapon had been sold by the younger brother of chana Kumar, who was also his roommate at the time.
The deal took place three days after chanadi's trial.
Once the police found the deal
38. They obtained a search warrant and seized weapons from the buyer.
In the affidavit of the warrant, Sgt.
Ly wrote that he suspected Chang had shot Oueslati with a gun.
The police tested a bullet found from the scene, but without results, the weapon could neither be confirmed nor eliminated as fired.
The Hunter grandchildren are preparing for school on November.
2015, armed ATF agents raided the family ranch.
They seized dozens of guns from three houses in the property.
Federal prosecutors in Spokane have accused Terry, Mary and their adult son, Rasti and Derek, of being unlicensed gun dealers, which could result in jail.
The case was reported in the weenarchi World and other local media, and Terry Hentz's lawyer will then write in court papers that it brings a lot of shame and embarrassment to the family.
Prosecutors have accused about 465 guns worth more than $270,000 were sold at the large Renault gun show after a 2012 warning.
Prosecutors say they deliberately cater to people who have been banned from buying guns for one reason or another.
A few times, Terry Hunt paid a friend to be a certain person.
According to court records, he called the straw buyer to buy a gun on his behalf.
The court documents say the person is an expected witness to the government.
Prosecutors also expect another person to testify: A man is abbreviated M in court documents. O.
CNN has confirmed that he's Michael Audero, construction manager.
Time high school softball coach from the coastal city of Carmel, California.
Audero, a gun lover and avid hunter, met hunting at the large Renault gun show in his 80 s.
From 2008 to 2012, he was friendly with his family and helped them prepare for the show.
According to court records, he also purchased multiple guns from one or more members of a hunting family, including some illegal weapons in California.
The authorities used this to allow him to cooperate.
In a court document, the prosecutor summed up Odello's statement to investigators: He told the agent that the hunt would buy weapons that they knew would be "hot sellers" before the guns were displayed.
They offered the lowest price and never did the paperwork.
For these reasons, Odello says, they are profitable even if business is slow.
90% of the family's business comes from repeat customers, he said, including a group of business-oriented Asian Malay who usually chatter about hunting, rather than social.
Pedro said he witnessed Asian men buying up to 15 pistols at a time, which were new and put in the box.
He saw five or six such deals on a weekend.
Hunting is sometimes a secret trade and they don't want to watch from [gun show]
According to the summary, Audero told the agent.
On one occasion in 2010, he said, he allowed Rasti Hunter to use his hotel room to trade with an Asian man.
Audero said he watched Hunt dump bags full of guns on the bed, and about ten new guns in boxes, worth about $6,000.
The unidentified Asian man agreed to buy the weapons and handed an envelope full of money to Rasti hunt, he said.
Every buyer must be inspected by all federal licensed gun dealers, but the rule does not apply to non-professional sellers.
With the trial of the case, prosecutors tried to provide evidence of gun recovery, which they said was the final result of the alleged illegal gun trade.
They wrote that at least 16 weapons were sold after 2012 of the warning and later appeared in the crime-
Through the Bay Area, as far as New York City.
They even prepared a mafia.
According to a court document, the flow of guns on top hunting is shown.
Ultimately, however, these years
At the end of a long investigation into gun sales in Hungary, it was more of a whimpering than a loud noise.
September of 2017 hunting team agreed to a plea bargain but of A is small of Don't people know --
It sounds like the misdemeanor charge is called assisting and inciting a gun dealer to enter the country falsely.
At the heart of the agreement is the purchase of straw, in which Terry Hunt pays a friend to buy a gun on his behalf and, as part of a family plot, illegally sells it without a federal gun permit.
But the deal does not require prison time.
Each family member was sentenced to five years' probation.
Part of the reason for this agreement is that the misleading wording in the ATF gun dealer's application incorrectly states that people who sell guns only at the gun display do not need to apply for a federal gun permit.
Despite the warning issued by the ATF agent on 2012, Terry Huntsman's lawyer will argue after many years, his elderly client was confused by what the agent had told him and the seemingly contradictory language of the application she had handed him.
The language has changed since then.
One morning in November, Audero sat in a Starbucks in his hometown of Carmel, California, quietly scanning the seven
Page's court documents summarize what the ATF said he told them about the hunt.
A few minutes after reading, he slid the file back across the table and handed it over to CNN to confirm the contents of the file.
The expression on his face suggested unpleasant memories.
Pedro, who was appointed the Carmel high school softball team's annual coach in 2016, continues to tell how he was targeted by the federal firearms investigation that same year.
Although he has been helping with hunting at the big Renault gun show for years, he said he did not know Terry warned Terry Hunt in 2012.
In retrospect, he said that some aspects of family gun sales were somewhat suspicious and he regretted his involvement.
Pedro recognized Kenny Qi and Jack Lee from the photos provided by reporters, and said he recognized them from their dealings with the hunt.
Neither of them was charged with gun sales in Hunton. Nor was Chan.
Pedro said he still thinks hunting is a good friend.
He said he used to hunt on their property and hoped to do so again.
"I have to think that they are in love with money, which is beyond their judgment," he said . ".
Pedro made it clear in a separate telephone interview that he was a reluctant witness against the family.
"The government dragged them a lot," said Audero. "They tried to drag me into the same hole.
He said that despite his friendship with hunting, I had to tell the truth when the ATF came to me.
I was very careful with what those guys said.
I don't want to lie to them.
CNN contacted the Hunter family by email and by phone to various family members and their lawyers.
The reporter also went to the family ranch in Curley city to have a brief conversation with Derek Hunter.
He said the family was reluctant to discuss the case or make any comments.
In the court papers filed before the sentence, Terry huntstein's lawyer, Richard bekhtor, argued that Hunter did not consider himself a gun dealer, according to the language in the federal regulations cited in the ATF warning letter.
The regulation states that a permit is required for anyone engaged in the sale of firearms.
Engaging in business activities is defined as investing time, focusing on and working to make gun trading a regular process of trade or business, achieving the main goal of livelihood and profit by repeating the purchase and resale of firearms.
The law states that it does not apply to persons who only occasionally engage in the sale of firearms, nor to collectors or enthusiasts who increase or sell personal collections.
It also does not set up a series of transactions that distinguish between those who are in business and those who sell occasionally.
The gift for Mr.
Huntbechtolt wrote that hunt's way of thinking is that he is not engaged in selling guns for livelihood and profit because his profession is a farmer and it is a hobby.
Counsel did not respond to Wallace's verbal warning agent Hunter to sell to someone who is not his own state and to buy a gun in his own name for the purpose of selling it.
In retrospect, hunt's lawyer admitted that his client had made a bad decision to continue selling guns, despite being warned to obtain a permit, and to fight for friends to buy weapons on his behalf.
Hunter was responsible for his actions and felt terrible about the involvement of his family in these incidents as well, the lawyer wrote.
Mary Hunt in her pre-
Submit her own judgment that she did not receive an ATF warning letter or an application to become a licensed dealer.
âx80x9cAs Ms.
Her lawyer wrote that Hunter was an outstanding citizen of her community and that these events were difficult.
Losing respect and face in her community is a punishment for her
Hunting will continue.
Mr. Yi also admitted a lower charge: Gun attacks instead of attempted murder.
The charge against him has not yet been dunk.
Witnesses gave a different description of Honda's driver, and Chang 'an's brother met the description and entered the car on the day of the shooting.
In a series of interviews with CNN over the past few months, his demeanor was consistent with his name:
Polite and accommodating.
It's hard to settle with Chang, who texted Chan four years ago saying he was both nervous and angry and felt like a random black man.
Zhang said that his two and a half years in the county prison finally made him reflect on his life and how he was kept in prison.
Zhang grew up in San Francisco, joined the Marine Corps in 2009 after graduating from high school.
Only seven months later, he was relieved.
The Marine Corps public affairs office said in a statement that his early retirement and rank showed that the nature of his service was inconsistent with the expectations and standards of the Marine Corps.
Zhang told CNN he left the Marines after a failed drug test.
When he got home, he reignited his friendship with Chen, who was in primary school.
They share a common interest in guns.
Zhang said part of his interest was in the desire to protect himself and his family.
He said he had suffered various forms of abuse, including being bullied as a child and being beaten by nearby thugs.
He had a .
22 rifles legally registered in his name, but want a weapon without paper to carry out any form of street justice that he may need to deliver.
He said that by working with Jackie Chan, he can get all kinds of weapons without knowing how to get them.
He heard that some guns came from outside the state, but knew better than asking for more details.
It's kind of taboo.
Don't ask, you know? âx80x9d Chang said.
I think the less you know, the better.
He said.
38 his previously filmed Oueslati came out of an empty box at Tim chana's house.
He described it as some sort of shared weapon he could reach.
Zhang said he did not put a gun in his own house because his mother was a Hong Kong immigrant and thought they were evil and didn't want them around.
He said he used to shoot people, but never did.
"I don't want to rob the old lady in my heart," he said . ".
He said that the day he met Oueslati on the crosswalk, he was already nervous about the emotional confrontation between a friend and his girlfriend earlier that day.
He then took Xanax.
He said that he did not think that the car he was driving was very close to oserati and explained his shouting and arm waving as a threat.
He's like trying to pick a fight and then punk me, I guess.
I don't like being played.
This is the case.
He recalled that his mind was blurred at the moment of shooting.
Do I really care now?
He remembered thinking. Is it worth it?
He recalled his training in the Marine Corps, where he said he was taught to be ready, ready, ready to pull the trigger.
After he turned the car over, he aimed at it.
38 shot.
He tripped over at Oueslati.
Chang pulled the distance next to him this time and shot again.
Looking back, shooting Oueslati with a gun is probably the most unreasonable thing ever, Zhang said.
'I am still young,' he said.
I don't know how to deal with my anger.
But Chang said he was confident that if the gun was legally registered in his name, he would not have shot Oueslati and therefore could have traced it back to him.
'I wouldn't even put it in my car like this,' he said.
Within an hour of the shooting, Zhang said he handed the gun to a man to take care of him.
He won't say who.
Gunfire from the Smith and Wesson hotels.
On the day of August 2014, it fell into the hands of chang Chong, breaking the peace of mind on Sunday afternoon.
Equally dashed was the promise of Oueslati, an aspiring engineer, for the bright future he had seen.
In an interview with CNN, he said it's completely different now.
I don't respond to society and society as I did before.
Oueslati sits on the front steps of his apartment on Golden Gate Avenue, only a few feet away from where he was shot dead, and he talks about his memories of the day that subverted his life
He said he was in the middle of the crosswalk when a guy blew a parking sign and almost took me away.
"The driver dumped him out and shouted some racial slurs," he said . ".
Then he began to knock on the brakes and looked back at his side mirror.
At last, he drove the car into the driveway.
What we see next will always be engraved in his mind.
I remember the circle, he said, making the shape of the barrel with the thumb and index finger.
Ououeslati added that this did not escape my memory.
I will stay there.
He saw the cold side behind the barrel, and then, boom!
Gunfire echoed in the neighborhood, he said, sounding almost like fireworks.
Has it just happened?
He remembers thinking.
Then he saw the circle again.
âx80x9cOh, my god.
This is serious.
This guy will kill me.
Oueslati hit twice and he remembers feeling severe pain and breathing difficulties.
He could hear the sound of blood pouring out of his back.
A neighbor who happened to be a nurse rushed to him.
A bullet punctured his lungs and split his collarbone into a dozen pieces.
Four years later, he said, it still didn't heal completely, which he reminded when he tried his daily tasks.
Oueslati can't read as much as possible and lack the mental focus before shooting.
He said that part of this is the side effects of the drug he took to numb the pain that continues to this day.
They also numb my brain, he said.
After the shooting, his struggles left his career in electrical engineering off track.
He is now driving to a shared car company.
It seems like I have such a big obstacle in my life, he said.
Oueslati said he had no problem with the guns legally acquired and registered to the owner.
But he says no brain surgeon is needed to see the appeal of an untraceable weapon to a useless person.
He said it seems wrong that the hunt escaped prison time and Chang was released from prison while he continued to deal with injuries.
He asked politicians to imagine that they, or one of their family members, have become victims of this particular gun violence.
He added that they need to find a solution to the problem before more people are shot.
I don't think it will stop with me, I said.
Correction: The previous version of the story incorrectly states the location of the city of Culi.
It's west of Spokane, not east.
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