nypd arrests man in fatal elevator stabbing of boy, 6 - security camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-08
nypd arrests man in fatal elevator stabbing of boy, 6  -  security camera housing
New york-A man is believed to have stabbed a 6-year-
A 7-year-old boy died and was seriously injured. year-
On Wednesday, the little girl who had a knife attack on a public house building elevator without a security camera was arrested, a few minutes after the mayor and police chief publicly recognized him and called for help in arresting him, the police said. Daniel St.
Hubert was picked up after 8 in the evening. m.
Authorities say a residential area in Queens is linked to the death of Prince Joshua Avito in Brooklyn a few days ago and the injury of mikara capier.
No details are provided about how St.
Hubert, 27, was arrested. St.
Hubert was detained and could not reach him for comment on Wednesday night.
It is not clear whether he has a lawyer.
The phone number registered to his address has been discontinued. St.
Hubert has a history of violent attacks. Nine of his criminal records were arrested, including two for attacking police and correctional officers. On May 23, he was released on parole in the country.
Police said it was an attack.
State Correction records show that he was jailed for attempted murder and assault, served three years in a city prison and two years in a northern prison.
Prior to the arrest, Police Chief William Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio asked the public to help arrest the suspect and urged the residents to call the authorities if they saw him or had information about him.
"We need your help to arrest this person as soon as possible," Bratton said at the time . ".
The forensic evidence led to St.
Police said Hubert did not elaborate and did not provide a possible motive for a knife attack.
Prior to the attack on Sunday night, Prince and mickela had been playing outside the house on the Boulevard under adult supervision.
Relatives and witnesses said they went in alone when they were forced by a 20-year-old heavyweight.
Police say the attackers stabbed each child several times with a steak knife.
They said he ran away on foot and left the knife outside the building.
The Prince was found in the elevator, just outside the building.
Chicago Bulls striker Taj Gibson says Prince is his cousin.
Police say they are investigating whether
Hubert could be 18-year-
Old Tanaya Copeland was on Friday four blocks from the site of the Sunday attack.
A similar knife was found at the scene of Copeland's murder.
The teen's mother, Rochelle Copeland, said earlier on Wednesday that no one had been caught, which was "distressing ".
The knife-wielding attack on children has brought attention to the issue of surveillance cameras, as while the New York City Housing Authority has allocated funds to pay for it, no one is able to capture any images of the attackers.
About 58% of the 334 urban residential development projects, including more than 2,500 houses, have cameras, according to testimony from the Housing Authority City Council this week.
But only 41% of the buildings have cameras and most of the lobby, elevators and stairwells are left unattended.
Meanwhile, the New York police station runs more than 7,000 cameras around Manhattan, especially near Times Square, the World Trade Center and other tourist locations.
In addition, thousands of private cameras have been installed in five districts of the city, providing video coverage of most of the city's streets, which the police can use as evidence.
Throughout the city, major crimes continue to decline, down 2.
This time a year ago was 4%.
Major crimes in public housing have risen slightly.
The housing council building is home to 20% of the city's murders, and they only hold 7% of the population.
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