mum who keeps a pet fox around her children insists it is perfectly safe - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-17
mum who keeps a pet fox around her children insists it is perfectly safe  -  outdoor enclosure
A mother who adopted the fox as a family pet insisted that the beast was perfectly safe by her children.
35-year-old Natalie Reynolds has been criticized for exposing his three-year-old and five-year-old son, Chace. year-
The eldest daughter Marissa shares her home with eight children, thus facing potential dangermonth-
The old Jasper in her hand
Raised since birth.
But she made a full critique of her critics and said she would never allow any harm to her children.
In this morning's speech,at-
Herts Sarratt's mother said: "I know very well what he is doing around the children.
"If his voice and body language changed and he would take different actions around, then I wouldn't allow it.
"But if you can understand and read the body language and sound of the Fox, then you know what is safe and what is unsafe.
"He thinks the children are part of his small package," she added . ".
Prior to this, Natalie warned others not to follow her because of the smell of the Fox and the risk of biting a stranger.
She said: "We are lucky that we have enough to leave him here, but that's not what I would suggest anyway.
"I don't want people to go out and think 'that's great '.
He is in bad condition at home and he smells smelly.
"They are just not a family pet.
She added: "He is like a cross between a cat and a dog.
He's one of us.
"The dog is chasing him by his side. He likes cats, but cats don't like him very much.
"I'm always in front of him --
He was tamed.
"A lot of people look down on you.
Some people are disgusted, but most people are satisfied with it.
"I was told they were very versatile and he could go back to the wild, but their average life span in the wild was only 18 months --
They were either shot or poisoned or hunted.
When he was two years old, the family adopted Jasper. days-
Old patient in veterinary surgery
He was handed over after being abandoned by his mother.
Jasper walked in the country with Natalie and two dogs at home. She is a veterinary nurse and she called me and said they just handed in a fox cub and he needs hands
Because he needs a bottle.
Feed every few hours.
"I get up with him every two hours at night --
Like feeding my baby.
About four months.
Old we built an outdoor fence for him because he just walked around the house and caused a lot of mischief, so it was perfect for him.
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