mum adopts a fox called jasper as a family pet… but warns others not to because he smells and bites people - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-17
mum adopts a fox called jasper as a family pet… but warns others not to because he smells and bites people  -  outdoor enclosure
A mother who adopted a fox as a family pet warned others not to do so because it smelled biting.
Natalie Reynolds, 35
Raised Jasper after being rejected by his mother at birth.
She put eightmonth-
Go out for a walk with her two dogs.
But she says anyone considering doing something like that should think twice. The stay-at-
Mom from Herts Sarratt admitted Jasper had wiped out the stranger and said: "We are lucky that we have enough to leave him here, but in any case, this is not what I would suggest.
"I don't want people to go out and think 'that's great '.
He is in bad condition at home and he smells smelly.
"They are not a family pet.
Natalie insisted that the unconventional pet never posed a danger to her three-year-old and five-year-old son, Chace --year-
Daughter Marissa.
She added: "They were so badly media, but he was with my kids and he was just playing with them.
"He has a different relationship with me.
He has a bad relationship with my partner.
"He is like a cross between a cat and a dog.
He's one of us.
The dog is chasing him by his side. He likes cats, but cats don't like him very much.
"I'm always in front of him --
He was tamed.
A lot of people don't look at you.
Some people are disgusted, but most people are satisfied with it.
"I was told they were very versatile and he could go back to the wild, but their average life span in the wild was only 18 months --
They were either shot or poisoned or hunted.
When he was two years old, the family adopted Jasper. days-
Old patient in veterinary surgery
He was handed over after being abandoned by his mother.
Natalie said: "A friend of mine called me, she's a vet nurse and she called me to say they just handed in a fox cub and he needs hands --
Because he needs a bottle.
Feed every few hours.
"I get up with him every two hours at night --
Like feeding my baby.
About four months.
Old we built an outdoor fence for him because he just walked around the house and caused a lot of mischief, so it was perfect for him.
"He is free, as he is running freely in the garden, and he is not kept in a cage.
"He only spent the night in there --
For his own safety, I am not keeping him in a cage.
"He does have his sense of freedom, and we walk a lot.
"No matter what you do, people always make judgments.
An animal charity attacked the mother and said the Fox belongs to the wild animal.
Martin Brooks of Vale Wildlife Hospital said: "It's not good for foxes, it's not good for species.
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