molds and casts Stop Mold and Mildew from Coming Back

by:Hanway     2019-08-24

some extent.
And how to stop them from coming back.
Although there are some differences in appearance.What is mold?

Wet environment like bathroom, basement or attic.
There is mold or mildew at home, indicating the water problem.Why is the mold a problem?

Compound, toxin, or allergen
People with respiratory diseases or asthma may be seriously affected.

Problems with nasal congestion, even rash.
Carpet, wooden furniture, wall paint, etc.

The air around
Scrub the mold with a brush.
remove molds.
Buy from store.
Come back?

The root of the water problem.

eliminate them.This should be part of the daily maintenance check.

device.Keep the humidity at 20-
The rest of the year.
A conditioner or dehumidifier that removes excess moisture.
Keep your home clean and dry of course.
Water is not fully controlled yet.

Contact with a leak or condensate.
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