massive plane crash in egypt, no survivors - security camera housing

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massive plane crash in egypt, no survivors  -  security camera housing
It is not clear what happened on the plane. SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt--
A Russian plane carrying 224 people, including 17 children, crashed in a remote mountainous area of the Sinai Peninsula on Saturday, about 20 minutes after the accident. The Egyptian government said.
No survivors.
According to Adel Mahgoub, president of the state company that manages Egypt's civilian airport, everyone on board is Russian except for three Ukrainian passengers.
A statement from the Egyptian cabinet said 217 passengers were 138 women, 62 men and 17 children.
There are seven crew members on ship 18. year-old Airbus 321-200.
A senior aviation official said that shortly before air traffic controllers lost contact with the aircraft, the pilot had informed by radio that the aircraft was experiencing technical problems.
The Russian Embassy in Cairo said on Twitter that there are no survivors yet.
Russian investigators are searching the Moscow office of Metropolitan Airlines, which owns Saint. Petersburg-
Headquartered in the travel agency of Brisco.
Egyptian military and security officials say most of the bodies found at the crash site so far have been burned and they are asking for anonymity because they have no right to inform the media.
Military rescue and search and rescue teams have traveled four kilometers, they said. 2. 4 miles)
Arrive at the scene on rough terrain. President AbdulFattah el-
According to a statement issued by the Egyptian president's office, Sisi expressed condolences to Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation.
A Civil Aviation Department statement said the wreckage was found in the Hasana area, about 70 kilometers. 44 miles)
South of El city
Alish, in the general area of the northern Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian security forces have been fighting the rapid development of the Islamist insurgency, which is now a local branch of the extremist Islamic State organization for many years.
It says the plane took off from Sharm el-Sheikh.
Sheikh shortly before 6: 00m. for St.
Peterborough, Russia, disappeared from the radar screen 23 minutes after takeoff.
Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail briefly visited the crash site before heading to the Red Sea city of Suez, where the bodies of some victims were taken away before being sent to Cairo, a cabinet statement said.
Friends and relatives of the victims gathered at a hotel near Saint.
Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg.
Psychologists met with them in a large conference room outside the hall, and the police shut out reporters.
Some leave the room once in a while, looking attracted by tearsstained faces.
Yulia zaizhiwa said that her friends, the newlyweds, Irina Rodina, and alexelander crotov were on the plane. Both were 33.
Zaitseva said her friend Rodina for 20 years "really wanted to go to Egypt and while I told her 'why are you going to Egypt 'She was a very good friend, always ready to give everything to others.
Losing a friend like this is like cutting off your hand, Zaitseva said. He added that Rodina's parents felt "their life is over . ".
"In the first few years after the collapse of the Soviet Union 1991, Russian airlines were notorious for poor safety, which caused serious financial troubles and regulatory confusion.
Although accidents have decreased in recent years, accidents still exist, many of which are attributed to human error.
While details of the cause of the crash are unclear, the pilot reported technical difficulties, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the crash.
They did not provide any evidence at all and were not aware of the ability to do so.
Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov says officials in Moscow and Cairo have kept in touch on the matter.
He said Egyptian officials did not have any information to confirm the statement of IS.
According to a report from Interfax, he said: "According to our contact with the Egyptian side, the information that the plane was shot down cannot be considered reliable . ".
So far, militants in northern Sinai have not shot down commercial jets or fighter jets.
Media reports say they have taken over the shoulders of Russia. fired, anti-
Aircraft missiles.
But these types of missiles can only be low.
A plane or helicopter.
According to Egyptian aviation officials, the Russian passenger plane that crashed on Saturday lost contact with air traffic controllers while cruising 31,000 feet kilometers.
Sinai, January 2014-
The base militants claimed to have shot down a military helicopter;
Egyptian officials at the time admitted that the helicopter had crashed but gave no reason.
According to the Russian news agency, the plane is based on St. Petersburg-
The headquarters is located at the Brisco tourism company.
The aircraft was manufactured in 1997 and has been operated by Metrojet in Moscow since 2012. based airline.
Metrojet said in a statement on its website that the A321 accepted the necessary plant maintenance in 2014.
The company called the pilot Valery Nemov and said he had 12,000 hours of flight experience, including 3,860 hours of flight experience from Airbus 321.
Officials at Russia's top investigation agency are searching and asking employees at Metrojet and Brisco.
Commission of Inquiry spokesman Vladimir Markin said investigators also collected fuel samples from airports in the city of Samara, Russia, where the plane received fuel on Friday and then flew to Sharm el-SheikhSheikh.
Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Hossam Kamal said a team of investigators had arrived at the crash site to inspect the wreckage and found the aircraft's recorders or black boxes.
"Earlier in the day, an official of the Egyptian government's Air Accident Commission told local media that the plane had briefly lost contact but was safely in Turkish airspace.
Later, the same official, Ayman al.
Muqadem said that the plane crashed and the pilot, before losing contact, said by radio that the plane had a technical problem and that he intended to try to land at the nearest airport.
Unable to immediately independently confirm the crash of the aircraft due to technical problems.
The aircraft of the national image has successfully conducted a technical survey in Sharm El Sheikh
Sheikh airport.
A technical committee of the company went to Sharm el-Sheikh
He said that Sheikh collected footage of the plane's security cameras while the plane was sitting at the airport, including operations to provide fuel and passenger meals for the aircraft, as well as security checks.
The plane landed in Sharm el-Sheikh.
Sheikh's airport, according to Cabinet statement.
About 3 million Russian tourists each year, nearly three of the total number of tourists in 2014, travel to Egypt, mainly to the Sinai Peninsula or the Red Sea resort on the Egyptian mainland.
"It is too early to find out the impact on tourism.
Rasha Azazi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism, told The Associated Press that we need to know what happened.
There are no unusual signs in Sharm el-Sheikh.
Hours after the disaster, Sheikh's airport.
Hundreds of holidaymakers from Europe and the Middle East arrived and left.
Afternoon flights take off at four to five shifts per hour, international check lines-
Spilled all the main doors.
Emily Bell, 21, from Portsmouth, England, said: "We stayed here for a week and had a good time. We only heard about the crash when we arrived at the airport . "
We enjoyed the beach and nightlife.
Kennedy reports in Cairo.
AP writer Nur Yousef is in Cairo, Irina Titova is in San Francisco
James and James Heintz from Moscow contributed to the report.
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