man who nearly had arm torn off by lion reveals he was only saved when bystander punched beast on the nose and shares pics of horror injuries - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-17
man who nearly had arm torn off by lion reveals he was only saved when bystander punched beast on the nose and shares pics of horror injuries  -  outdoor enclosure
The visitor stroked the lion through the fence before his arm was almost torn off, the first time he talked about the terrible accident.
A 55-year-old from South Africa, pitter Noje, said a bystander quickly hit his nose with a punch and rescued him from the lioness.
The 55-year-old is being filmed by his 50-year-old wife, Illze, on a mobile phone and as alioness walks towards him, she is stroking a lion in the fence.
The craftsman welder who celebrated his 10 th anniversary with his wife at the South African game lodge can hear him jokingly say, "If you bite me, I'll bite you ".
But within a few seconds, the predator grabbed Peter's powerful right arm on his chin and dragged him to the edge of the fence, and his wife screamed, "it bit him and it bit him! ”.
When a desperate tug-of-war match took place, the lioness grabbed the arm of the shocked Peter between her teeth and lasted terrible 5 seconds, seemingly able to use her sharp claws
Peter spoke for the first time today on behalf of his incredible pen of death, and under the care of his wife, Ilze, he browsed through the picture of his encounter with the lion, which would leave him scarred for life
At the home of blo Fontaine in Free State, ten days after the doctor saved him, the lion bite turned into a septic tank and he told the doctor that a cold lion trip turned into a close-death drama.
He also revealed how a tourist could save his life by hitting the lion's nose to loosen his arm.
He said: "My wife and I celebrated our 10 th anniversary at Tikwe River Lodge, and later we saw some months-old lion cubs hugging.
"Then we saw the big Lions on the game drive, and the game admins told us that they were very meek and grew up by hand and said it was safe for them to go out and scratch and cross the water.
"I stroked a big lion who was enjoying it, and then a lioness came over and I thought either she wanted to play, or she smelled me from earlier and bit my arm.
"She also tore it up with her claws, I screamed, I think she was scared, and so was I, and then someone on the lane of the game came to save me, hit her on the nose. When I was dragged in
"At that moment, I believe he saved my life because the lioness was so shocked that she let go of my arm and I could pull it back from the wire and stumble to my chest.
"I couldn't feel the pain because of adrenaline and electric shock, and then the blood came.
"I can see the bones and teeth marks on my forearm, the meat is torn from the claws, and I know it's a big bite, one tooth comes in the other from one side.
"My wife and her friends
I wrapped it up in my bloody arm and then the game administrator sent it to the hospital emergency room and told them that I had just been attacked by a lion.
"I sewed 60 stitches to sew the wound and then was released and returned to the game cabin, but in the middle of the night I woke up with extreme pain, dizziness and inability not to stand up.
"It turns out that I have entered the septic tank and the wound stitched has been filled with poison.
"An ambulance took me to a hospital in blo Fontaine where they cut all the stitches, opened the wound again, cleared all the poison and gave me antibiotics
"My wife thought she had lost me and I was told there was bloodshot in the air and it was easy for all the other lions around to take another path and I might not be able to survive.
"There will be a big scar on my arm, but when someone is asked in the bar that they have been hurt so badly, they can answer to fight the lion!
When they stopped to have close contact with the man, the disaster happened --
Eat in a big outdoor enclosure.
Pieter will have to go back to Penomie hospital in blo Fontaine, where he was rescued from sepsis and removed painful skin grafts from his thighs and back to cover open wounds.
Tikwe River Lodge denies any responsibility for saying there are warning signs not to touch or touch the lion.
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