led street light housing

by:Hanway     2019-08-21
Energy saving in old technology is about 40% and the lamp life is very long, which provides an additional benefit for our inductive lig, that is, the cost of long-term maintenance is greatly reduced and the price is low...The energy saving of the old technology is about 40%, the lamp life is extremely long, providing the additional benefits of greatly reducing the cost of long-term maintenance, and the low price of our induction lamps provides our customers with excellent return on investment.Instant light allows timer and other switch options to further enhance energy saving opportunities.Inductive lighting is the lowest cost Life lighting solution for regional lighting applications that take into account all factors such as energy saving, capital cost, instant switch capability and life maintenance cost.All of our high bay, floodlight and street lamp equipment comes with AS/NZS 60598 or the IEC 60598 test report confirming compliance with the electrical safety of international lamps-General requirements.From these international recognized test reports, we have obtained the SAA approval certification for the most popular models of GC016A and GC004B high bay lights and UVL induction transformation kits, all of this can be used with Victoria's VEET energy certificate system and the IPART energy certificate system in the new state.If you wish to install new or upgraded factory lighting in the production area then our GC004B-The 200 W diffusion sensing High Bay accessories are a great choice for light quality and fixture pricing.The GC004B-200 W is large but not heavy, with 80 lumens per watt under CRI (render index) of about 85 ra, producing more than 32,000 VEL (visually effective lumens) low glare with high quality.GC004B-with high quality PC diffuserThe 200 W induction High Bay distributes light evenly across vast areas, creating an ideal uniform distribution of consistent Flash-free LEDs that can be turned on and off immediately according to a specific application, so, compared with the old HID technology, energy savings have been greatly saved.LED and metal halogen lamps are light in the form of high glare, so it is not ideal for the factory production area, because strong glare can cause problems with short-term vision damage.This visual impairment affects the performance and attention of the operator and can even lead to safety problems.It is also necessary to be careful when using LED lamps in the food production area, because they often have many flat areas and radiator radiators as well as gaps between radiator and lamp shell, all of this provides an ideal environment for insects, moths and spiders.Store in bulk at our Dandenong Victoria Warehouse for about $299 per GC004B200 W induction High Bay is a highly competitive and functional factory lighting option for energy efficiency, low initial capital costs and extremely low ongoing maintenance costs.Inductive lighting is a very competitive form of lighting compared to all other lighting technologies, especially LED area lighting.
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