led light housing why led police lights benefit your department

by:Hanway     2019-08-20
When equipped with a police cruiser for your department, there are many factors to consider.Installation, lighting location, and electrical compatibility are important considerations, but one factor that is often overlooked is the type of bulb.Many old police cruisers are equipped with old or inefficient light bulbs.This article will explain why Led warning lights are a great choice to equip a fleet of modern emergency services.The first factor to consider the LED warning light is the increased life of the bulb.The service life of LED lights usually reaches nearly thousand hours.In contrast, incandescent lamps typically last only a fraction of them, sometimes less than 3000 hours.LED bulbs that use only a few hours a day usually last for a few years without needing to be replaced.The increased working life of LED lights means that your department will save money and time on the maintenance needed to replace the bulbs and replace them, otherwise the bulbs will burn out.LED lights are also very energy efficient, using only a tenth of the energy of the old incandescent lamps on average.This means that the power demand for your vehicle will be greatly reduced and the compatibility will be improved.As an additional benefit, the fear of battery drainage by parked vehicles with lights on (for example, when directing traffic in the work area) is greatly reduced, first of all, the vehicle battery is under less pressure.LED lights can also help make your department more eco-friendly.The improvement of LED bulb life and power efficiency alone reduces their negative impact on the environment, but the LED that eventually burns out can be easily recycled.The materials used in the Led are safe in the environment and do not cause pollution to the environment, which is different from the base plate and gas used in incandescent lamps, especially fluorescent bulbs.The Environmental Protection of the Led also means that many recycling facilities have accepted them, making the process of handling dead or damaged bulbs simple.Color is another wonderful benefit of led.LEDs actually produce color light instead of relying on colored glass or plastic to produce color.As a result, LEDs are very flexible and produce a clean, attractive color light that does not change color due to wear over time.Older warning lights often change color over time as their colored housing is worn out, but the led is less susceptible to this.In addition, the LEDs produce colored light without heating the substrate material, which means that they are able to cool and do not damage the packaging due to heat.The lack of heat production brings us the ultimate factor, which makes LED lights more advantageous than other bulb types: durability.In addition to the design to avoid thermal damage, the LED light is compact and simple in structure.They are more difficult to damage than their glass predecessors.They don't need time to "warm up" to work well even in winter.They are costs when LEDs fail or damage-Due to their small size and arrangement, the replacement efficiency is high;The LEDs of the light bars are arranged in the array of many small bulbs, so the cost of replacing one bulb is very low.As an added benefit of the array structure, the appearance of your lamp is unlikely to be affected by the break of a single bulb.As you can see, choosing LED lighting for your department's vehicles in multiple ways is a smart decision.Future-Proofing vehicles saves costs and brings a professional look to the fleet that is easy to maintain.Are you ready to start upgrading your lighting system?Contact us at 1 today.888-562-5125!
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