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by:Hanway     2019-08-23
How does the LED light work?
LED lighting products are very similar to standard lights, except that the LED lights are much smaller and do not contain filaments and harmful gases.The LED is not a filament and gas, but uses the electrical motion along the semiconductor path to produce light.When electrons flow through a semiconductor, they produce radiation.Some forms of this radiation can take the form of visible light.Compared to toxic gases used in all other different light sources, harmful gases not used in LED light production, such as mercury.
How does fluorescent, sodium, halogen lamp and metal halogen lamp work?
Fluorescent or fluorescent lamps are gas discharge lamps that use electrical stimulation of Mercury Steam.Short generation of excited mercury atomsWave ultraviolet rays, and then make the fluorescent substance emit fluorescence to produce visible light.Fluorescent lamps convert electric energy into light more effectively than incandescent lamps.
There is also a sodium steam lamp, which is a gas discharge lamp that uses sodium to produce light in a stirring state.There are two kinds of these lamps: low pressure and high pressure.
Low-Pressure Sodium (LPS) lamps have a boron silicon glass gas discharge tube (arc tube) containing solid sodium and a small amount of neon and ar gas to start the gas discharge.When the light is on, it emits a dim red/pink light to heat the sodium metal, and after a few minutes, when the sodium metal evaporates, it turns into a normal bright yellow color.
High-The pressure sodium (HPS) lamp is small and contains additional elements such as mercury.They emit dark pink light on the first impact.
Metal halogen lamps are part of the family of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps that produce high-gloss outputs for their dimensions.This makes them a dense, powerful light source.By adding rare earth metal salt to Mercury Steam lamps, better luminous efficiency and light color are obtained.
Halogen lamp is an incandescent lamp containing tungsten wire in inert gas and a small amount of halogen lamp such as iodine or Bromo.The combination of halogen gas and tungsten wire produces a chemical reaction called a halogen cycle.
Incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp or incandescent lamp globe is a light source that uses incandescent lamp to work.The current passes through a thin wire and heats it to the temperature at which light is generated.The enclosed glass bulb contains vacuum or inert gas to prevent oxidation of hot wire.

All Mercury Steam lamps (including metal halogen lamps) must contain functions to prevent leakage of UV radiation (or installed in fixtures containing functions ).Typically, the light's boron silicon glass or external bulb performs this function, but special care must be taken if the light is installed in a situation where such external housing may be damaged.There are documented cases where the lights in the gymnasium are damaged by a ball hit, resulting in sun burns and eye inflammation.When used in places such as a gym, the fixture should contain a strong external shield or an external lens to protect the external bulb of the fixture.In addition, special "safety" lights are provided, which will deliberately burn out if the external glass breaks.
Even with these methods, some UV radiation can still pass through the external bulb of the lamp.This leads to the acceleration of the aging process of some plastics used for the construction of lamps, and after several years of use, they will change color significantly.Pc is particularly troubled by this issue, it is not uncommon to see the rather new pc surface located near the lights dimwax\'-After only a short time, I like the color.It is important to note that if polycarbonate is damaged, then what is the effect of UV radiation on people who are under these lights day and night?It is believed that this effect has caused tumors in experimental animals.
Mercury vapor can be contacted by inhalation, eye or skin contact.The impact on human beings is as follows.Mercury vapor can affect the central and peripheral nervous systems, lungs, kidneys, skin and eyes.It is also a mutation that affects the immune system [Hathaway] et al.1991;Clayton and Clayton 1981Rom 1992].Acute exposure to high concentrations of mercury vapor can lead to severe respiratory damage, while long-term exposure to lower levels can lead to damage to the central nervous system [Hathaway et al.1991].Long-term exposure to mercury is also related to behavioral changes and changes in the nervous system.
For all fluorescent, sodium, halogen lamps and metal halogen lamps containing mercury and other harmful metals and gases, it is important to pay attention to the effects of exposure to mercury vapor.We know that LED lighting products are a safe alternative to mercury lamps and UV radiation.
The life cycle of the LED light is 10 times longer than the mercury lighting, so the LED light will last the life cycle of a house instead of the alternative mercury lighting, which will disappear, it then needs to be installed by a qualified electrician and discarded by increasing our increasing waste deposits.

Mercury Steam lamps are rarely completely extinguished and are severely affected by the depreciation of Lumen (light output.The lamp produces 50% of the light every five years, to the extent that it is invalid, and at the same time it can get the same power as the new lamp.This is because the transmitter is deposited as a film, darkening the arc tube wall and reducing the light output.
When the fluorescent tube is discarded, the main concern is Mercury, which is a dangerous pollutant.
The cracked fluorescent tube releases its mercury content into the atmosphere and is sucked in by others.The safe cleaning of broken fluorescent bulbs is different from the cleaning of traditional broken glass or incandescent lamps, with 99% of mercury usually contained in phosphorus, especially on lamps close to the end of life.
The treatment of phosphorus, especially toxic mercury in the tube, is an environmental problem.Government regulations in many regions require special treatment of fluorescent lamps separately from general and household waste.
It takes only a few tenth mg of mercury to keep the steam, but the lamp must include more mercury to compensate for the Mercury part absorbed by the internal part of the lamp and is no longer available to keep the arc.
By switching to energy-efficient lighting using LED lighting products, you can save money in the short and long term, in addition, you do not add harmful gases to the atmosphere, also do not add harmful gases to our waste deposits, thus helping the environment.You can also save qualified electricians on the maintenance of traditional mercury light sources.
Make change a bright start.
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