led light housing Troubleshooting Sony XBR TV Problems

by:Hanway     2019-08-24

Common problems with Sony XBR series TV include no signal errors, Internet content display problems, audio problems, etc.Use trouble shooting to solve various potential causes of the problem, try to solve the problem without having to contact Sony support or professional maintenance personnel.

If the signal is not received when pulling the HD channel on the radio waves, the Sony xbr TV does not receive the quality signal.To pull a stronger signal, try moving the TV to a different location.Or, you can buy HD antennas from most electronics stores to help you attract more powerful Superthe-air HD signals.
If when a Sony xbr TV is set to display one of the video inputs for the connection cable, you receive a signal-free error message, such as a component, a composite cable, or an HDMI cable, make sure the cable is securely connected to the TV and external equipment.Also, check to see if there is physical damage to the top and bottom of the cable, such as tearing.Even if you don't see any physical damage on the cable, try replacing it with another cable and see if that solves your problem.In addition, check the video output settings on the external device to make sure it is set to output to the resolution supported by the TV;This is a common problem with Blu-ray.Ray and DVD player

This error occurs because of an Internet content refresh that has not been successfully completed.Try to refresh Internet content again by pressing "Home" on the remote control that comes with Sony xbr TV, select "Network", then select "refresh Internet content.\ "Try to select the Internet content to view again;You may need to use this method to refresh the internet several times to get it to work.If you are still experiencing problems after trying to refresh Internet content several times, this may indicate that your wireless router is experiencing a bigger problem.Make sure all cables are securely connected to the wireless router and try to disconnect the power cord of the device, wait for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cord to reset the device.If you still have a problem, try moving the wireless router closer to the TV to make sure the signal delivered between the two devices is strong.In addition, try to turn off devices near TV and wireless routers that send and receive signals via frequency, such as baby monitors, cordless phones, wireless headsets, or other devices, because these devices interfere with the signals sent between the Sony xbr TV and the wireless router.

A red light indicates that your Sony xbr TV is off, and a green light indicates that your TV is on;However, there is also a flashing red light and an orange light that can signal to your TV.If the LED light associated with the TV power button flashes orange, the TV is downloading and installing the firmware update;This is normal and there is no reason to worry.However, do not power off the TV until the LED light returns to its normal color, indicating that the firmware update has been downloaded and has been installed as much as possible.After restarting the TV, the update will complete the installation, which will not take a long time or even notice the start time of the delay.
However, if the power light of the TV flashes red, the TV detects a bigger problem with the TV.
Power up the Sony xbr TV and let it run for at least two minutes.
Press and hold the "volume up" button on the remote control that comes with the TV.
Continue to press and hold the volume up button and press the power button to turn off the TV.
Remove your finger from the volume up button.
Wait 30 seconds and turn on the Sony xbr TV again.The TV will be restored to factory settings.

The Sony xbr TV does not support the audio format of the output of the connected external device.Try to adjust the audio output settings on the external device to resolve this issue.Ideally, set the external device to output PCM or two-Channel Audio because these audio formats are supported by the TV.
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