led light housing LED Light Bulbs Comparison Review

by:Hanway     2019-08-24
Conventional bulbs or incandescent lamps are being eliminated by compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL.CFL bulbs are much more energy efficient and have a longer life span than their predecessors.On a global scale, CFLs are gradually taking over and have even become mandatory in some places.
However, some people do not like the CFL bulb because the produced lamp is of low quality and takes a long time to start.For this reason, some people still prefer to use incandescent lamps, especially their halogen lamps.Despite the fact that they can use up to 4 times of power for the same amount of light output or luminous flux.
Even the latest so-called daylight CFL bulbs do not fully meet the needs of those who want the absolute best lighting at home.For these people, there is now another type of bulb, which is either a LEDs or an LED bulb.
What type of bulb is there?

Less than or equal to 3,000 K is called Warm/soft white.
About 3,500 is called bright white.
About 4,000 is called Cool White.
Greater than or equal to 5,500 K is called the Sun.
Traditionally, incandescent lamps have always been the most commonly used bulbs, but they are quickly replaced by CFL bulbs.Compared with incandescent lamps, the same amount of light output, the CFL bulb requires an average of 4 times the amount of electricity, and it also takes 8 to 15 times.
However, all bulbs have their own advantages and disadvantages.Incandescent lamps are useful in cases where it takes only a short time and is easy to replace.Depending on your needs, one of these types may be more suitable for your needs.
What are the advantages of LED bulbs?
Similar to incandescent and CFL bulbs, LED bulbs have their unique advantages.They will last a very long time, even several times the CFL bulb, which itself is several times longer than the incandescent lamp.
Not only do LED bulbs last longer, they also maintain better light output as they grow older.Incandescent and CFL bulbs lose some output every year, so that they need to be replaced before the life expires due to insufficient light output.
They are as energy efficient as CFL bulbs, which means they will use a fraction of the energy needed for incandescent lamps.LED bulbs for generations to come will be more energy efficient.
LED bulbs with high color rendering index (CRI) can produce clean and natural light, even better than the best incandescent lamps.They are much better than CFL bulbs, which are often criticized for the quality of the light they produce.They can also generate all kinds of imaginable colors accurately.
The ability of LED bulbs to simulate natural light causes them to be used to help grow as plants grow in an indoor environment.Both incandescent and CFL bulbs tend to render more artificial light.
Unlike CFL bulbs, there is no delay when they are on.Many CFL bulbs experience a slight delay in preheating before gradually reaching full output.The LED bulb produces almost all output in an instant.
Repeated, fast opening and closing of the CFL bulb can significantly shorten its life.Therefore, it is not recommended to install the CFL bulb where it only takes a short time.Bathroom or drawer, for example.LED bulbs do not have this disadvantage.
LED bulbs do not contain any toxic chemicals.CFL bulbs contain mercury, which can harm the environment for a long time, and it may take a lot of effort to clean up.Proper handling of CFL bulbs after use can be a bit of a hassle.
What are the disadvantages of LED bulbs?
LED bulbs are currently much more expensive than other types of bulbs.While you can buy a few incandescent lamps for one dollar, the price of LED bulbs can be as high as tens of dollars.The price of the CFL bulb is much cheaper, and it usually takes only a few dollars to get a subsidy.
The CFL bulb is currently the preferred type of bulb.Many governments around the world encourage people to use them and regularly subsidize their prices.Incandescent lamps are very wasteful and will eventually be eliminated.
Some types of LED bulbs make a faint hum, which can be annoying when it's very quiet.Try some LED bulbs to find out the ones that best suit your needs.Depending on who you ask, opinions may vary.It may take a while to find the right retailer, so choose a good retailer that accepts returns.
Many early LED bulbs tend to be directional.In this regard, the next generation of all-round LED bulbs has been improved, but not all bulbs have been improved.Overall, the LED bulb is still in progress.They are constantly improving and improving.
LED bulbs are technically the best bulb types, but despite the various benefits they have, their cost prevents their widespread use.They are undoubtedly the future, but unless the price doesn't matter to you, the LED bulbs don't offer the best value at the moment.
Are all LED bulbs the same?
LED bulbs are definitely different.Despite having similar specs, some have more light output than others.Others are often more vulnerable and will not last long.The quality of the light will also be very different.
There are many kinds of LED bulbs, each of which has its own functions.Products from well-known brands such as Phillips and General Electric tend to be more expensive, but may offer more after-sales services, including warranty services.
For example, GE's products may be twice as expensive, but the warranty is at least ten years.Others may only have a two-year warranty, but only half the cost.This may indicate that GE is more confident that their products will last longer than others.
What is the best bulb?
In my opinion, the best bulb at the moment must be the CFL bulb.They have some weaknesses, such as slow start-up time and trouble disposal, but offer more advantages in energy efficiency, longevity, affordability, etc.In terms of overall value, they are best suited to most people.
LED bulbs are very promising and can be adopted by people with the ability.But as long as their costs remain high, they are unlikely to become mainstream in the US because they have cheaper alternatives.Poorer countries are less likely to use them.
Incandescent lamps are now only useful in niche characters, such as when something very cheap is needed in a short period of time.For mainstream use, they are too wasteful in what to do and there is no reason to still use them.
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