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by:Hanway     2019-08-15
LED lights are one of the most effective and best sources of energy saving and are cheap, so they are important for energy saving and money saving.These lights save money due to low cost and low electricity charges.For example, a report shows that LED lights use 80% of the energy, 70-80% more energy than LED.Although CFL (compact fluorescent bulb) is energy efficient, the LED even uses 20-30% less energy than these bulbs.When this kind of lighting enters the market, it becomes the mainstream.However, the quality of these lights became a problem in the early days.Due to this problem, LED bulbs have a bad reputation in the early days.Although there are a lot of these bad lights in the market, due to more stringent legal and technological advances, their production is now higher than before, and now their standards are much higher.These lights have a longer life span than any other bulb.If you compare it to all the other bulbs (such as halogen lamps and traditional bulbs), these bulbs are 10 times longer than these normal bulbs.These lamps are also more durable than other traditional and incandescent lamps.These lights bear a worse environment than ordinary lights, and in a bad environment where ordinary bulbs don't work, you don't need to replace them every 5 minutes.These lights are also friendly to your economy and environment.These lamps do not have any harmful substances that contain mercury like ordinary lamps.The cost of lamps containing mercury is high, and this material can damage the surrounding environment.These lights are also very effective in reducing global warming, because these lights only produce 20% of the heat than ordinary bulbs, and ordinary bulbs produce 80% of the heat, resulting in global warming.Therefore, these lights are the best choice to save energy and the global environment from global warming.When you use a normal light bulb or a traditional light bulb in a warm environment, your air conditioning expenses will increase, while the led light will reduce the warmth of the room, which will also reduce your air conditioning expenses.Therefore, the lights are very effective and consume very little energy.If you see their savings in power or energy, these lights use 80-90%, less energy than ordinary bulbs, which reduces energy consumption and also reduces your electricity bill, saves energy and is useful for the whole country.These lights are cost-effective not in the form of price, but in the form of functionality, which will save you a lot of unnecessary expenses.Although their prices are higher than ordinary bulbs, they still save you money in the form of lower electricity bills, which makes them cost-effective and now in the market their prices are fallingTherefore, from the above points, it is clear that the LED light is better than the ordinary light bulb or the traditional light bulb.
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