led light housing A Great Idea to Help the Third World

by:Hanway     2019-08-24

I have to promote a very innovative product a lot.When I was on vacation in Rhode Island this spring, I met an inflatable solar light called Luci.This is a good solution to global problems.It was invented after the earthquake in Haiti.I bought one to give it a try and put it through.I must say it is as good as it claims.This is something everyone can use on a camping trip.More importantly, this is a great product donated to third world countries where electric lights are expensive or unavailable.This is a win-win one.Win the situation that makes me happy.Fully disclosed, I have no connection with the company that launched this product and I have no financial interest in MPOWERD.I support their efforts because I believe it is a winner.
updated Feb.2019 with new suggested features.

Latern is about 5 \ "in diameter and can be inflated.It weighs only 4 ounces.

By the way, the name Luci comes from fireflies in Spanish.It was named after the younger son of the inventor.You can read the whole story from inventor's website in the link below.

I'm a skeptic when it comes to solar energy.I bought lawn decorations that are good for decorations but not bright enough for any useful use.Some people stop working for no reason after short-term use.Nor did they last as long as they claimed.The lite version of Flipkart is different.First of all, it is bright enough to read a book.Second, it is lasting.Finally, it is portable and light weight.You can deflate when packing, ready to use, you can blow it up.The control button is very effective and provides tactile feedback.The only outstanding issue is long-term reliability.I have only eaten for a week so far.According to the manufacturer, the service life of rechargeable batteries is only 300.The warranty period for this product is 1 year compared to most other electronic products, only 90 days.All in all, this is a great product for $15.
Another great story about this product is the charity side.Recently, we have heard some negative stories about the misuse of funds by charitable foundations in the news.It is often difficult to decide which charity is worth it.This is a good way to pay.It is something tangible and will be put into use right away.I just love it.Please read the full story on the MPOWERD website.
Green products are completely renewable.It only needs to operate the sun.I highly recommend-5 stars.

There are several Luci lanterns.They are the main retailers in the Camping and entertainment markets.
After 9 months of use, I can prove that this product has met all expectations.I use this light almost every day.The lights are full of electricity on sunny days.At low settings, use the light as a night light and continue until the morning.The lights will only last for a few hours on cloudy days.
Another usage is to take it along my daily walk at night.It is better than a flashlight, with good safety performance and light weight.

It's been almost a year since I got the Luci lights.I use it almost every day.I must say that it fulfilled its promise.I charge outside during the day and use it as a night light by the bed.It lasted all night.So far it has held its costs.Good products like advertising.

There are some improvements to Luci's new model.First, there is an indicator about the amount of charge stored.Second, a model adds a reflector to the bottom of the Luci, which will give a more uniform distribution of light.

I am very satisfied with this product.I use it every day and it has been useful to me for the past year.Most of the time, I took it with me while walking behind Japan.I also use it as a night light by my bed.I found a small improvement by placing a mirror under Luci.It helps spread and reflect light more evenly throughout the room.The mirror is a simple 5 \ "mirror with a plastic frame.
I put the mirror on a flat surface.I then put the Luci lantern facing down on the surface of the mirror.You will notice the improvement of lighting...
The latest models are longer in August.
I just bought a new Luci lantern.It costs up to 12 hours per time, but it costs $18.It looks like all the models are up about $2.This new model has a button that shows how the battery is fully charged.There are 3 LED indicators.
New Luci designed-A step back.
I have some questions about a month after using the new Luci.The main problem is the position of the power on/off button.It's hard for me to find the switch in the dark.There is a switch in the middle of the original model.I can always find it.It is now located in the surrounding area.I know the reason for the relocation is to allow more space for larger solar panels.I prefer to put the power button in the middle, considering all the factors.
The second issue is the decision to use the LED indicator for the power charging indicator.3 LED lights are not visible in the bright sun.The better design is to use the LCD indicator that has been "on.These dark strips (four of them) can indicate when the charging power is 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.No bar will show 0%.Separate buttons are not required.The LCD is ideal because of its very low power and high contrast in ambient light.
The two points I raised are usability issues.The human factor is the key to the success of the design.I hope MPOWERD is listening...

I have some ideas for improving the current design and functionality of the LUCI lantern.
One idea is to add a light sensor so that the lantern will turn on automatically after dusk and turn off at dawn.This optional mode will allow lanterns to be used as safety lights through the entrance gate.Aug.9, 2016.
Update Dec.
My original Luci light is leaking.After 17 months of daily use, it finally found a small hole at the seam at the top.The air will leak slowly but surely.In addition, the lamp works very well and exceeds the warranty period.
I came up with a simple solution.I dipped the light into a bowl of water and found the location where it was leaking.Next I dry it and apply a thin layer of liquid bandage.This seal leaks and is now perfect.I decided to share it with other owners here.
Follow-up instructions.Unfortunately, I caused some water to leak into the electronic components in order to locate the leak.Also, it seems that the top plastic cover has fallen off due to sunlight.It has started to crack and peel off.The unit is still working but is no longer waterproof.It lasted for a year and a half.I don't complain.I still recommend this product.

My second Luci light failed after 10 months of use.Apparently, a small hole was opened in the plastic case and some water was put into it.The power button stops working.I contacted the manufacturer MPOWERD and they responded very quickly.Since the warranty period is 1 year, they sent me a replacement.They will also recycle old equipment.Good customer service.

A quick summary of this new product.
This is a Luci emergency light.It adds a USB port.
This port is used to recharge the battery.You can fill the lights with electricity within or about.2 hours.
The main and preferred way is to fully charge through the sun for about 14 hours.The light can run for up to 50 hours at low power settings.
Other features are the USB port that can be used to charge the iPhone.It will increase power by about 10%.20 minutes.
This is for urgent use and this is a great feature.
Imagine that you are hiking in some remote areas and you are lost.Your phone is running low.What do you do?
You can charge your phone with the power of the sun.It may just save your life.
A new suggestion for new featuresFeb.
In my opinion, the Luci light can be transformed into a decorative lighting system for the outdoor terrace.Each lamp can have a USB wire connection port of 2 or 3 feet in length.Once connected, you can daisy chain as many lights as you want and control all lights from a single switch.
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