landlord adds surveillance cam to nab autobin-dumping scofflaws - surveillance camera housing

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landlord adds surveillance cam to nab autobin-dumping scofflaws  -  surveillance camera housing
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If you want to not dump the garbage in a city in a landfill, a landlord in the West Side wants you to be ready to smile at the camera.
Three weeks ago, Leon Wieler, a resident of Sherbrook Street, was tired of his garbage.
He took unusual steps to install a bin camera.
Wieler installed a surveillance camera on the neighbor's garage, trying to capture people driving in from other parts of the city, dumping bulky items such as mattresses and sinks in the autonomous driving system in the area.
The longtime resident said it was almost impossible to keep the back lane clean, he already had 10 DVDs full of video evidence, it shows about a dozen taunting garbage dumps using vending machines every week.
"Now we have two bins in our driveway, and there is more trash next to it than there is inside," he said . ".
Wieler has removed the license plates of all the vehicles he caught in the act and forwarded the video evidence to the city.
He said he would like to see the city do more in educating citizens on how to remove the garbage that is not suitable for being placed in a regular trash can.
People who ignore the rules should face tougher fines, he said.
It's tricky to catch an illegal dump truck because law enforcement officers have to catch people in the bill to issue a ticket.
Darryl Drohomerski, city solid waste services manager, said Wieler was not alone and he had heard of apartments in several areas --
Block owners with similar cameras.
Illegal dumping in vending machines is the second time
Drohomerski said that the city received the most common complaints of garbage in recent public consultations.
There are about 4,900 self-driving cars in Winnipeg, and the city is currently considering a plan to replace them with automatic carts by 2012.
If the plan is approved by the City Council, Drohomerski said, he expects residents of the otterbin community to see a sharp drop in the number of illegal dumping.
He also said that the city plans to do more education to give citizens an idea of what commodities are suitable for Winnipeg --
Garbage collection services and other things—such as home-
Decoration garbage-
Go straight to the landfill at Brady Road. jen.
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