kung-fu panda - outdoor enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-17
kung-fu panda  -  outdoor enclosure
Tian, a panda at Edinburgh Zoo, proved this in predicting that today is the happiest day of the year for Scots.
A wonderful video clip shows that the female giant panda is playing with the latest enrichment items her breeder has given her.
The video shows Tian playing passionately with the logs her breeder found in her outdoor enclosure.
After rubbing the smell of the log into the fur, she pushed down from the hammock, while grabbing her favorite new toy, before performing the "ninja roll", she hit the floor
Zoo staff had hidden items under a huge pile of bamboo for Tian to look.
The naughty panda gave up her dinner as soon as he smelled in the bamboo pile.
Sharon Harton, a carnivore breeder, said: "Tian is very fun and has a good time.
The video shows Tian rubbing the smell of the log on her body, which is what she does with all the new smells, which is part of the game's behavior ".
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