knife-wielding intruders threaten man during levin home invasion - diy outdoor security camera housing

by:Hanway     2019-09-16
knife-wielding intruders threaten man during levin home invasion  -  diy outdoor security camera housing
A Levin man was threatened with three knives.
While he was sleeping with his wife, he disturbed them to steal property, after which he waved intruders at home.
Steven Knight said he woke up at about three o'clock A. M. last Wednesday after hearing the sound downstairs and his dog began to roar.
When he went downstairs to investigate, he saw the torch in the dark and met three people in the restaurant on Winchester Street.
The knight was shocked and began shouting at the intruder.
They were holding a knife. He didn't know.
"I stopped and just yelled, 'Get it back from my house, '" he said '. ".
"One of them came to me and asked me if I wanted to die.
Knight said he didn't realize the intruder had a knife because it was too dark in the room --
Two of them were the fish blades he himself took from the shed outside.
"I don't know they have knives.
I think they want me to run away, but I stick to my position.
"At this point, one of the three intruders ran away, and the other two ran away.
Knight said: "A person flinch first, and then rushed out of the door . "
"On one occasion, the other two retreated. I saw three shadows running past me.
"The intruders managed to steal the items they already hold when they were disturbed, including two laptops, a mobile phone and a charger, and a set of keys.
Until later, he found the knife sheath of one of his fish knives on the floor, as well as the lens of three men shot on the outdoor security camera, in the case of the large knife being clearly visible, the Knight realized that the result of the encounter could be much more serious.
"The terrible thing is that if it's just one person, I might rush [to the room]
"It could be worse," he said . ".
The voice of the man who threatened him sounded very young, Knight said.
He said the video also showed that the three men looked young, possibly in their teens or 20 s.
They don't seem to be too worried about the presence of security cameras.
"I think they do know they're on the video and they just don't care," Knight said . ".
He also believes that this may not be the first time they have committed a similar crime because they seem to know what they are doing.
The three initially entered the house by forcing a closed window open.
The house has been locked, but since it was an old house, a window was struck by a tool, possibly a knife.
After the incident, Knight said his wife didn't sleep very well, but they "came right away ".
"It makes you a little uncomfortable," he said . "
How dare they come in-
You should be safe at home.
"A police spokesman said that on May 15, they received a report of the theft of a property in Levin and conducted a forensic examination on the same day.
"As part of the investigation, the police conducted a series of investigations, including the inspection of CCTV footage and forensic medicine.
"At this stage, those responsible have not yet been identified," the spokesman said . ".
"We urge anyone with information about this incident to contact the Levin police at 06 366 0500, or to contact the Levin police anonymously via crimestop at 0800 555 111, citing document 190515/4852
"Knight also shared video footage of the incident on local Facebook.
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