knesset approves state budget proposal in 1st reading - camera housing price

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
knesset approves state budget proposal in 1st reading  -  camera housing price
2013-Parliament passed on Monday night
On the first reading of the state budget bill, 58 members voted for the budget and 44 members opposed it.
The accompanying economic arrangements Act also passed a reading.
2013-budget proposal
Finance Minister Yair Lapid says 14 aims to shut down society-
The economic gap plaguing Israeli society.
"The core of the budget presented to you today is the staff's vision," Lapid told the parliament plenary . ".
"This is achieved by highlighting the core subjects of all educational institutions funded by the state.
This will help increase participation in the job market by establishing qualification centres.
This can be seen in food and transportation reform.
Related report: Lapid said, "as shown by the reduction in property tax and the source of funding for children's day care centers, the ability of individuals to provide themselves with food has become the main criterion for decision-making.
This creates a foundation for Labor. friendly.
"The minister's statement was welcomed by the ridicule of cats --
Phone calls from opposition lawmakers
Saying that MKs received the full version of the law a week ago, lapid said whoever bothered to read it carefully, not just the main points of seeking criticism, both should identify "problems with the budget-big cuts-and translate them into opportunities.
It aims to narrow the gap between social classes, increase citizens' participation in the job market, distribute burdens equally, abandon welfare culture and introduce labor culture.
Plenary Session of the Israeli Parliament (
Figure: Gil Yohanan)
Lapid added that budget targets include issues such as red tape, house prices, and excessive market concentration.
In order to become a more productive society, these issues should be studied, he said.
MK Micky Rosenthal called at Lapid to "stop reading from the page ".
According to the National Insurance Association, how about 90,000 people living in poverty?
However, Lapid stressed that he only pays attention to the society of "fairness" and the society of "entrepreneurs --
Friendly Society, non-compliance with populist winds blowing on the streets, and often blowing inside the walls of the institution.
We want successful businessmen on our land, we want entrepreneurs, we want big business companies to come here and open branches, we want successful people with a lot of income, these people should not be persecuted for jealousy and lack of support.
The latter trend is the scourge of the Israeli market, he said, and he is determined to end it.
Lapid rejected criticism from members of the opposition saying "We added NIS 9. 1 billion ($2. 52B)
Make sure every child in Israel learns the core subjects.
3 billion NIS ($830 million)
Increased health budget;
We booked NIS 0. 5 billion ($139M)
Provide care and care services for Holocaust survivors and another 0. 5 billion NIS to facilitate the integration of haredim in the job market.
"We have not been exposed to pensions or subsidies for people with disabilities.
"Those who belong to the disadvantaged are not invisible to us," he said . ".
"We have to take care of them because it is our duty.
But what the disadvantaged need most is a strong country that operates in a strong economy.
After Lapid, the chairman of the opposition, Sheri yahimovich, immediately took to the podium and slammed the minister.
"Don't you like these theatrical performances?
This is just a video camera performance supported by naught.
"This is the same old politics," Yachimovich said, referring to Lapid's election slogan of promising "new politics . ".
"Our old politicians will only think of themselves, their families and their group.
The Labor Party chairman went on to say that the budget was a declaration of war on 99% of the Israeli people.
"Imagine, Yair Lapid," in one of your pre-
There is a false promise in the election, and I will talk to you in a friendly way, whispering in your ear that this is what you will eventually do.
Will you believe me?
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