iphone leaks: what we know about the new devices - housing for camera

by:Hanway     2019-09-13
iphone leaks: what we know about the new devices  -  housing for camera
Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models this year, and people who see these devices are already circulating news online.
When the iPhone X was released in 2017, it was a headline.
From its name, X.
Like 10 in Roman numerals-to its edge-to-
This smartphone is of great significance with an edge display design.
But since then, Apple's new version has not attracted so much excitement.
Last year's iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max were thought to have not developed much in the past.
They seem to be product lines designed specifically for different segments, and Apple historically has the ability to create segments when it comes to new products.
However, according to the news released by these market segments, the situation has basically not changed.
The company's flagship device has 5 iPhone XS.
8 "display measured from the corner-to-
Retail for £ 99.
The larger version in 6.
5 "The maximum price of XS is 1,099-
And the budget version of the iPhone, 6.
XR is retail for 748.
According to sources, three new iPhones will adopt almost the same model this year --a 5.
8 "smaller flagship device, a 6.
5 "a larger device, 6.
1 "budget device.
There will be a clear difference between the previous iphone and the new device --the square-
The shape of the rear camera housing.
Historically, Apple has lagged behind rivals like Samsung and Huawei in camera technology.
The company has solved the problem by introducing software to help improve the user's snapshot, which is not completely gone according to the leak incident.
But there will also be some new hardware.
The angle lens compliments other lenses in the square camera housing of the new iPhone.
It is said that there is a new "smart framework" function in the software of iOS 13, which will use wide-
The angle camera when the user takes a photo.
If their photos are poorly cropped or miss an important frame detail, such as someone's overhead or skyline, then the photos may be adjusted after they are taken.
Upgrade to front-
It is also recommended to use a face-facing or selfie camera, which will allow the user to record a slow motion video of 120 frames per second (fps).
This is after last year's iPhone XS camera in standard HD to achieve 24 FPS slow motion recording function, or in full HD to achieve 120fps.
Due to changes in iOS 13, the next generation iphone is shipping with improved Taptic engine
Apple's tactile feedback device provides physical feedback using a vibrating motor.
There are rumors that the company will be from the Lightning port of USB --
C, the connection favored by most other smartphone manufacturers, despite the inclusion of USB-
C on IPad Pro.
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