ip camera housing use hybrid digital security cameras in demanding environments

by:Hanway     2019-08-22
It makes sense that you need maximum security in demanding environments.The challenge is to monitor movements and other activities without public supervision.Therefore, in the case of giving priority to discretion, the optical zoom camera will be a good choice.It can enlarge the distance of 300 yards and easily focus on the license plate, even on the faces of passers-by surrounded or swallowed up by the crowd, which makes the recognition process easier.Thanks to the portability of the wireless camera, it is useful in a business environment.If you suspect theft in an uncontrolled environment, you can move the camera to that position without wires.There are PTZ cameras that can be operated manually (usually with keyboard and joystick) and some with selfBuilt-in tracking technology in the camera's brain.Whatever the purpose of using the monitoring system for you or someone in your company (general safety, internal theft, worker compensation or monitoring of employee activity), it must be actively used.On the other hand, the Sun's Wi-Fi security cameras are ideal for monitoring in important places such as railway stations, airports, factories, offices, casinos, banks, museums, military regions, residential areas, major highways and traffic intersections, public squares, city center, parking lot, sports events, etc.The network IP camera is a camera running through a LAN and is a microcomputer with a camera lens.It has its own IP address and you can control it from a remote central location.The network IP camera is intelligent, which provides alarm management, image enhancement, license plate and face recognition, and is built with the latest technology.Another advantage of IP cameras is that they are able to detect a wider range of wavelengths than we do, not only working in white, but also in infrared.Red light at night-May have time to monitor
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