i know why the mounted fish sings - what is die casting

by:Hanway     2019-08-29
i know why the mounted fish sings  -  what is die casting
Think about the miracle of gentleness, fate and father --in-
The law provides us with the right conditions: the miracle of miracles, the miracle of miracles, 14-
Inch bass fish, large mouth, fixed and mounted in rough-hewn board.
However, this is not a fish with only mortal flesh, but a big mouth bass, its heart (larger still! )
It's cunning and fearful in distant places.
Welding and silicon made in Taiwan. A faux-
The fin-like freshwater Figaro was him, and although his earth body remained firmly on its mount, he released such a high song to stimulate his soul to keep climbing up.
So why, in the smallest whim of you or me, is this death --
The cast inhabitants in the depths of the dark turned into a fin-shaped male voice?
Well, you can ask me why, in all sense, a fish held on a board can sing.
More importantly, there is no real fish, but a fish made of plastic.
How can it give the song a throat?
For those of you who don't believe it, I say you need it, but look at the heart of the fish and look at the battery --
It's a pre-recorded song chip and a micro-Piezoelectric speaker.
Who can say that a fish, although it has been put on the horse, should not sing?
Certainly not the Oracle and the near-divines at Mid-
The novelty of the United States, those brave worthy who do not know the boundaries of vision and mind, they have created miracles like Mr. Big-Mouth Bass—
It is not so much a mockery of iscine flash and the heretical revelry as a mockery of the same marriage.
By using transistors and diodes wisely and skillfully, mechanical actuators and alkaline batteries, do they have a fever or not
Singing Fish dream happy life-
A kind of life, in our small life, it should play its role.
But who can say no to a penny less than a dollar? Not I.
Even if I don't take a look at this noble heart, if I simulate the spike of waves and water, my own heart will jump up --
It's like something with scales itself pretending to jump out of its board, while its electric rudder makes the vulgar ballad "Elvira" of Oak Ridge Boys come to life.
"It is true that my heart is burning when the seated fish feels suitable for singing.
Not for the lovely lady in the lyrics, but to motivate the installed fish to turn their heads and bend their heads to look straight at my brushless bipolar motor. No—
Look inside me.
Look at my soul.
Tell me that in a world where fish can sing, if I only install the right printed circuit board, I can't do anything myself, the exact length of the pure copper wire, the correct voltage of the battery and the wattage.
Installed fish stand less joy-than-
Silent Testimony suggests that while there is nothing new in the sun, clever and real engineering techniques may provide us with fantastic novelty.
So, don't ask who the fish on board is singing --
It sings for people who press the little red button.
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