how to make a die cast mold Vegetarian Campfire Cooking

by:Hanway     2019-08-25
Versatility of vegetables and meatAlternatives make vegetarian cooking a healthy match for fire pits.Campfire brings a strong smoky flavor to vegetarian dishes, making them harder.tasting meal.In fact, any vegetarian food you make at home can be cooked on campfire.Description difficulty: build your campfire moderately easily using firewood or coal, and then wait for the flame to go out so that the fire will burn before cooking a vegetarian diet.Vegan Times magazine recommends leaving an empty space in front of a fire pit without firewood or coal to mimic the cooking style of an indoor fireplace.Place the food on the grill, directly on firewood or coal, and cook at high temperatures.Place food in front of a fire pit without firewood or coal cooking at low temperatures.Before placing the veggie burger, veggie hot dog and tofu on the grill, spray the sides gently with olive oil cooking spray to prevent the food from sticking to it.Cook meat-Replace items directly on firewood or coal and pay close attention.Meat-The alternatives are cooked quickly-About five minutes to ten minutes on a campfire grill.Roast vegetables on campfire.Spray the vegetables with olive oil cooking spray, season with the fresh herbs of your choice, wrap the vegetables with aluminum foil and place them on the grill.Wrap the whole piece of potatoes and other root vegetables in aluminum foil and bake them in hot coal buried in a fire pit.Arrange coal with a long metal appliance.Pierce the root dish in 30 minutes with a long metal fork.When the fork can easily penetrate the vegetables, the vegetables are cut.If the vegetables are not tender, cover again with hot coal and check every 15 minutes.Place a cast-An iron frying pan or pan on a grill for cooking anything you would normally fry or stew in a pan: eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, sauces, rice or soup.Use a cast-Iron cover on the pan if needed.For higher cooking temperature, place the casting-Iron Pan directly on firewood or coal.For lower cooking temperature, place the casting-The iron bonfire in the reception area.The resources article by Rose KiviRose Kivi has been written for more than 10 years.She has a background in the area of care, wildlife restoration and habitat protection.Kivi has written educational textbooks, patient care brochures, animal husbandry guides, outdoor survival manuals, and writers who have contributed to the two books in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series.
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