how to make a die cast mold How to Make a Fly-Tying Vise

by:Hanway     2019-08-25
A fly-The vise is used to hold and hold the hook so you can dress it up with a variety of materials.Basic components of fliesWhether it's commercial or hand-made, the tie-up vise is a solid foundation, a bracket that holds the chin or clip on the base, and a set of jaws that will adjust and fix the hook.Teaching difficulty: challenge a pair of Vise-X-clamp around the end of the handleActo knife.Now hold the hand of the vise-Pliers in the store.Loosen the knurling nut at the end of the knife blade and push it to the handle.Extend the bend of the hook into the blade gap of the knife.Hook and X-Acto clamp the knurling nut, then tighten the knurling nut and hold the hook firmly.Before the hooks in the vise become tight, orient the hooks in the direction you want.Before buying your X.Acto knife, measure the diameter of the handle to make sure that you can use 3/8-16 die.Twist the aluminum handle of the knife into a thread.Install the rod nut on the handle half the length of the nut.Screw the all-Screw the rod into the rod nut.Screw a 3/8-There are 16 nuts on all.The screw rod above and below the rod coupling locks it in place.Weld or brazing the other end of the rod into large steel or copper-bottomed pan.You can also buy an old pair of Vise.Take pliers at the pawnshop.Welding a whole piece --Screw bar on the vise handle-Clamp, so the rod is vertical when the clamp is horizontal or at a certain angle with the horizontal plane.Weld the other end of the rod to a weighted base such as a frying pan, steel or copper frying pan or heavy steel plate.Tips and warning articles written by Jerry WatsonJerry Watson began professional writing in 2003 and are currently writing for Technorati and various other websites.His work appears on the construction Network, the e-Health Forum, and other online sources.Watson's first novel, The Chronicle of antiquities, is available online and in bookstores across the country.He graduated from the breaking into print course by Changling writers.
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