how to make a die cast mold die team die -

by:Hanway     2019-08-14
This is not a slogan that can be used as a mantra for your team, but rather a warning of what happens when seemingly innocent habits are allowed to remain the same as part of a team's character.When a conflict occurs, self-drama occurs within the team members.It can appear in the form of different opinions, personality conflicts and resistance to authority.There are four basic plays where everyone can play one or more roles to varying degrees.The Inquirer will quicklyStop before they are ready to leave the room.Instead of seeking answers or meaning, these questions are to be blamed.They will create an advantage among the interrogators and place the receiver in their position.After leaving the confrontation, this is the feeling --A confrontation in which the recipient is confused, angry or beaten --up.It seems that the interrogator is standing by your side with both hands on his hips, leaning forward to your space, shouting, why?Intimidator is an office bully and always seems to be standing in front of someone;Look down at the man.They will also be accused, but more outspoken.They won't hide their superiority in cooperation.The worker behind a wall of problems;They feel very good and want everyone else to agree with them.In the play, the fear of fear does not respect human feelings, only hope to be accused and punished.When confronted with the intimidator, the recipient will feel, (usually the time will see) that the intimidator will be 1 feet m forward with one hand on the hip, the other hand is placed within a few inches of your face, pointing to the finger of the blame.They will invade your space and seem to be saying that it is all your fault;It's all your fault.In order for the Inquirer or the scare to move forward at full speed, there must be a victim to continue their drama.Poor me, Please pity me. I can't do anything.This is the complaint we hear from the victims, and even if they say nothing, there is no explanation given.There are a lot of excuses for victims, but there is never a solution.The victim authorized the scare and the Inquirer.While they seem weak and helpless, the show takes a lot of effort to deal with it, and they usually get more attention.When in the drama with the victims, they seem to be escaping, retreating and packing, as if to protect themselves from attacks or circumstances.In the end, perhaps the most damaging thing is distractions.There are many ways a team can goBeing followed by a distracted personDistraction's behavior can go from completely changing the subject without warning to completely ignoring you.They can be fun at times and sometimes use a relaxed, nervous humor in the drama.Distractions may be considered heartfelt and caring, sometimes seemingly compassionate, and can keep the team completely away from the subject at hand in the process.It seems that the man stood with his arms stretched out like a wing and suddenly began to slap his wings, flying around in the room, saying, "pigs can fly, pigs can fly ".When a person goes, insecurity happens.Value yourself.They began to question their ideas and ideas.They lose trust in their path and when they have an idea, they will choose to stay quiet no matter how good and feasible it is.Self-depreciation is one of the hardest things to recognize because internal proof is often easy and it seems to be the truth.After-Everything, self-depreciation began in childhood, with many years of growth and improvement;Almost Art.Insecurity comes in many forms and can be hidden behind some of the most powerful facades and dramas imaginable.Some are experts who show the appearance and hide the unsafe factors.Self-awareness is the key to stopping this action.Although insecurity harms the team, it hinders their progress;It is also important that it harms the individual's interests.The more a person allows this to continue, the more it grows in them, which makes it extremely difficult to change this pattern.Insecurity causes the comfort zone to close around people until they are no longer open to new experiences and just want to hide from all situations and people.Once this happens, it is almost impossible for individuals to interact with the rest of the team and to be less convinced that they have an idea worth sharing with anyone.Focus and focus on the individual at this time, not on the team.Self is the biggest and most difficult of the three obstacles.EGO can appear as any drama listed above.Self-driven insecurities and give them power.It creates stories that a person tells himself to make insecurity, facade and drama look so real.It can appear in any way, and the self is different for everyone.No matter how the ego appears, it pushes our essence to the background and tries to hide it together.Self-perception of the essence is weak, because the essence is part of us, we want to share our talents and gifts with other members of the team, and are more interested in results than personal glory.On the other hand, the self wants the glory of the individual, and in order to gain praise and recognition, it will destroy a plan.The essence wants to be the best team member, the self wants to work as little as possible and still be recognized.Self is the result of teamwork that can't see the whole picture.When you see that the team's achievements are most important, you can also see your personal interests through relationship growth and contact.Although no death does not guarantee a positive result for the team, the presence of death does guarantee the death of the team.Not only will the team's goals die, but the team itself will die emotionally.Once this happens to the team, it's better to have a hard time getting them back together.
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