how to choose waterproof enclosures for electronics - waterproof enclosure

by:Hanway     2019-09-05
how to choose waterproof enclosures for electronics  -  waterproof enclosure
Businesses and individuals often have reason to need computers located outside.
No matter why you need a computer outside, it is an important task to protect it from natural factors.
There is a fairly simple solution to this problem, that is, the waterproof housing.
In particular, waterproof housing designed to store and protect computers and other electronic equipment.
The waterproof housing can be produced using metal and plastic, and there are a number of models to choose from.
The purpose of these containers is to create a water tight container for the storage device.
Of course, if you plan to use your device outside, then it will take power to work.
Depending on the box, you may need to punch holes in order to connect the power cord to the socket.
While installing holes in a container may increase the likelihood of water damage, it is possible to seal the holes and retain most of the initial protection after running the wires.
One of the most concerned issues for customers looking to buy a waterproof housing may be safety.
However, there is no need to worry that these enclosures are very safe for anyone using internal equipment.
National Association of electrical manufacturers (NEMA)
Guidelines have been developed to protect outdoor electrical equipment from the influence of components and others
Make pollutants.
When you look at the case, you may see that they meet the film standards.
Any housing that meets the standards of Class 3 or above is suitable for outdoor use.
In addition, entrance protection may be provided (IP)rating.
The IP rating is about the waterproof housing that is pierced in order to run the cable.
To make things short and simple, when you want to buy a container, it is better to find a container that meets the film Standard 4 or 6 with an IP level of IP66 or 67.
No matter why you want to put your electrical equipment outside, you want to protect it as much as possible.
There are many models to choose from, with different sizes, materials and shapes.
There are a lot of options for everyone, so whether it's a plastic or a stainless steel case, it should not be difficult for you to find something that suits your needs.
There are a lot of benefits to buying a waterproof housing, but there is no benefit in deciding not to buy it.
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